Read 2016

Below is a list of books I’ve read and reviewed in 2016:

          1. George R R Martin- A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms
          2. Anna Godbersen- The Luxe
          3. Anna Godbersen- Rumours
          4. Envy (Luxe, #3) Anna Godbersen- Envy
          5.  Anna Godbersen – Splendor
          6. Rachel Caine- Glass Houses
          7.  Rachel Caine- Eve’s Diary
          8. Rachel Caine- Amelie’s Story
          9. Rachel Caine- The Dead Girl’s Dance
          10. Rachel Caine- Grudge
          11. Rachel Caine- Midnight Alley
          12. Feast of Fools (The Morganville Vampires, #4) Rachel Caine- Feast Of Fools
          13. Lord of Misrule (The Morganville Vampires, #5) Rachel Caine- Lord of Misrule
          14. Carpe Corpus (The Morganville Vampires, #6) Rachel Caine- Carpe Corpus
          15. Fade Out (The Morganville Vampires, #7) Rachel Caine- Fade Out
          16. Kiss of Death (The Morganville Vampires, #8) Rachel Caine- Kiss Of Death
          17. Ghost Town (The Morganville Vampires, #9) Rachel Caine- Ghost Town
          18. Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires, #10) Rachel Caine- Bite Club
          19. Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires, #11) Rachel Caine- Last Breath
          20. Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires, #12) Rachel Caine- Black Dawn
          21. Bitter Blood (The Morganville Vampires, #13) Rachel Caine- Bitter Blood
          22. Fall of Night (The Morganville Vampires, #14) Rachel Caine- Fall Of Night
          23. Daylighters (The Morganvill... Rachel Caine- Daylighters
          24. The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1) Rick Yancey- The 5th Wave
          25. The Origin of Species Charles Darwin- On The Origin Of Species
          26. Hood (King Raven, #1) Stephen R Lawhead- Hood
          27. War and Peace Leo Tolstoy- War & Peace
          28. Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1) Maggie Stiefvater- Shiver
          29. Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2) Maggie Stiefvater- Linger
          30. Scarlet (King Raven, #2) Stephen R Lawhead- Scarlet
          31. Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #3) Maggie Stiefvater- Forever
          32. Sinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #4) Maggie Stiefvater- Sinner
          33. Tuck (King Raven, #3) Stephen R. Lawhead- Tuck
          34. Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, #2) Diana Gabaldon- Dragonfly in Amber
          35. When Darkness Comes (Guardians of Eternity, #1) Alexandra Ivy- When Darkness Comes
          36. Embrace The Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #2) Alexandra Ivy- Embrace The Darkness
          37.  Anthony and Cleopatra  William Shakespeare- Antony and Cleopatra
          38. Darkness Everlasting (Guardians of Eternity, #3) Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Everlasting
          39. An Abundance of Katherines John Green- An Abundance of Katherines
          40. To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee- To Kill A Mockingbird
          41. Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck- Of Mice and Men
          42. Mercy (Mercy, #1) Rebecca Lim- Mercy
          43. Darkness Revealed (Guardians of Eternity, #4) Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Revealed
          44. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
          45. Darkness Unleashed (Guardians of Eternity, #5) Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Unleashed
          46. Beyond the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #6) Alexandra Ivy- Beyond The Darkness
          47. Yours For Eternity (MacNachton Vampires, #7; Guardians of Eternity, #6.5) Hannah Howell- Yours For Eternity
          48. Go Set a Watchman Harper Lee- Go Set A Watchman
          49. Devoured by Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #7) Alexandra Ivy- Devoured By Darkness
          50. Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity, #7.5) Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Eternal
          51. Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, #2) Lewis Carroll- Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There
          52. Bound By Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #8) Alexandra Ivy- Bound By Darkness
          53. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1) Patricia Briggs- Moon Called
          54. Fear the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #9) Alexandra Ivy- Fear The Darkness
          55. The Catcher in the Rye J D Salinger- The Catcher In The Rye
          56. Levet (Guardians of Eternity, #9.5) Alexandra Ivy- Levet
          57. Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity, #10) Alexandra Ivy- Darkness Avenged
          58. Hunt the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, #11) Alexandra Ivy- Hunt The Darkness
          59. A Very Levet Christmas (Guardians of Eternity, #11.5) Alexandra Ivy- A Very Levet Christmas
          60. When Darkness Ends (Guardians of Eternity, #12) Alexandra Ivy- When Darkness Ends
          61. Where Darkness Lives (Guardians of Eternity, #8.5) Alexandra Ivy- Where Darkness Lives
          62. Ill Wind (Weather Warden, #1) Rachel Caine- Ill Wind
          63. Heat Stroke (Weather Warden, #2) Rachel Caine- Heat Stroke
          64. Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky- Crime and Punishment
          65. Rachel Caine- No Love Lost
          66. Rachel Caine- Oasis
          67. Rachel Caine- Claimed
          68. Chill Factor (Weather Warden, #3) Rachel Caine- Chill Factor
          69. Rachel Caine- Midnight at Mart’s
          70. Windfall (Weather Warden, #4) Rachel Caine- Windfall
          71. Firestorm (Weather Warden, #5) Rachel Caine- Firestorm
          72. Thin Air (Weather Warden, #6) Rachel Caine- Thin Air
          73. Rachel Caine- Ladies Night
          74. Gale Force (Weather Warden, #7) Rachel Caine- Gale Force
          75. Dracula Bram Stoker- Dracula
          76. The Jewel (The Lone City, #1) Amy Ewing- The Jewel
          77. The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance Trisha Telep- The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance
          78. Undone (Outcast Season, #1) Rachel Caine- Undone
          79. Cape Storm (Weather Warden, #8) Rachel Caine- Cape Storm
          80. Black Corner Rachel Caine- Black Corner
          81. Unknown (Outcast Season, #2) Rachel Caine- Unknown
          82. Total Eclipse (Weather Warden, #9) Rachel Caine- Total Eclipse
          83. Unseen (Outcast Season, #3) Rachel Caine- Unseen
          84. Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan, #1) Kathy Reichs- Deja Dead
          85. Unbroken (Outcast Season, #4) Rachel Caine- Unbroken
          86. Death du Jour (Temperance Brennan, #2) Kathy Reichs- Death du Jour
          87. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Ransom Riggs- Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
          88. Deadly Decisions (Temperance Brennan, #3) Kathy Reichs- Deadly Decisions
          89. Fatal Voyage (Temperance Brennan, #4) Kathy Reichs- Fatal Voyage
          90. Grave Secrets (Temperance Brennan, #5) Kathy Reichs- Grave Secrets
          91. Bare Bones (Temperance Brennan, #6) Kathy Reichs- Bare Bones
          92. Monday Mourning (Temperance Brennan, #7) Kathy Reichs- Monday Mourning
          93. Cross Bones (Temperance Brennan, #8) Kathy Reichs- Cross Bones
          94. Leviathan (Leviathan, #1) Scott Westerfeld- Leviathan
          95. The Odyssey Homer- The Odyssey
          96. Break No Bones (Temperance Brennan, #9)Kathy Reichs- Break No Bones (re-read, no review)
          97. Behemoth (Leviathan, #2) Scott Westerfeld- Behemoth
          98. Goliath (Leviathan, #3) Scott Westerfeld- Goliath
          99. Bones to Ashes (Temperance Brennan, #10)Kathy Reichs- Bones To Ashes
          100. Devil Bones (Temperance Brennan, #11)Kathy Reichs- Devil Bones
          101. Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, #7)Michelle Sagara- Cast In Ruin (re-read, no review)
          102. Oliver Twist Charles Dickens- Oliver Twist
          103. Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1) Maria V. Snyder- Shadow Study
          104. Night Study (Study, #5) Maria V. Snyder- Night Study
          105. 206 Bones (Temperance Brennan, #12) Kathy Reichs- 206 Bones