Wolf Pact

Published in: 2012
Pages: 304
Edition read: E-book
Series: Book 1 – 4 in the Wolf Pact series; companion to the Blue Bloods series

Book description:
Lawson and his brothers escaped from the underworld and now lead desperate, dangerous lives. They’re pursued by the Hounds of Hell from one town to the next, never calling any place home. But when the hounds finally catch up with them and capture the girl Lawson loves, the hunters become the hunted. Lawson will stop at nothing to track down the hounds, even if the chances of saving Tala are slim…

The only hope he has lies in Bliss Llewellyn. Bliss, too, has lost someone to the beasts and will do anything to get them back—even if it means joining forces with the insolent, dangerously good-looking boy with a wolf’s soul.

My review:
Ok so this is what the Blue Bloods series would have been if the main characters were likeable, didn’t name/brand drop every two sentences, and had an actual purpose to the story. Lawson and his wolves are a small but tough bunch, entirely likeable, their motives are clear and easy to distinguish, and the book moves at a decent pace as they try to fix things and save the rest of the wolves trapped in the underworld. Bliss, now human, joins up with the wolves and she’s become this entirely likeable character now that she is human, as she now cares about something outside of the blue bloods.

I think had this been a proper series, I would have enjoyed reading it because the story in this book was well-rounded, the characters were better evolved and more realistic than the other series, and there was just a better feel overall to the writing itself. It flowed easier.

It was a chore to return to the world of the Blue Bloods after reading this book, I gotta say.

Final review:
Wolf Pact rating:
Would I re-read it? I would
Who would I recommend it to: Anyone reading the Blue Bloods series, you need to read this book between book 6 & 7 in order to get the back story that is integral to the 7th book. Otherwise, young adult paranormal fiction featuring werewolves and time travel.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7968653-wolf-pact
Author’s site: http://melissa-delacruz.com/book/wolf-pact-part-i/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Wolf-Pact-Melissa-Cruz/dp/190741018X