Blood Spells (The Nightkeepers, #5)

Published in: 2010
Pages: 440
Edition read: E-book
Series: Book 5 in the Nightkeeper series

Book description:
Trained from birth to fight with fists and magic, Patience White-Eagle knows that she should focus on the coming war for souls. But she isn’t just a warrior—she’s a wife and mother too, which leaves her loyalties divided between the Nightkeepers and her family.

Brandt White-Eagle broke the rules when he married Patience and fathered their twin sons—and now he’s paying the price. Torn between his magic and his marriage, and separated from his ancestors’ wisdom by a curse he can’t remove, Brandt is fighting to put his life back together.

When an ancient Aztec god-king arises, Patience and Brandt must set aside their problems and team up as a mated warrior pair. But as they race to prevent the Nightkeepers’ enemies from enacting a terrible ritual that could tear apart humanity, the threat turns even more personal, becoming a deadly test of their powers…and their love.

My review:
Patience and Brandt were the first couple of the Nightkeepers, the ones who got together before the powers came back online, the solid couple with kids who slowly through each book started getting further and further apart. Thanks to this book, we finally learn why, how, and what actually happened when they first met. It was a doozy, and it was soooo good. You can actually see Patience and Brandt growing through this book, and it was quiet a different story compared to the others as instead of a new romance, we have an old one that’s going through a rough patch.

It was just damn good. We also have the Triad spell coming into play, which boosts the powers of three mages by giving them the knowledge of their entire line of ancestors, which is a seriously amazing gift at this point in the game for the Nightkeepers. Having Brandt become one is really good, and it helps him to work through his issues so that he and Patience can actually get back on track.

The thing with this series is that each book gets better and better, and this was my favourite so far. The action was insane, the mythology was on point, the characters were amazing as hell and you just couldn’t stop reading it.

Final review:
Blood Spells rating: 
Would I re-read it? Yes!
Who would I recommend it to? For fans of the series, paranormal romance and fantasy series, books about Mayan mythology with a lot of decent adventure thrown in.

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