Ice Study (Study, #3.6)

Published in: 2009
Pages: 30
Edition read: Hardcover- was added in at the end of my Fan-Edition Dawn Study book
Series: Book 3.6 in the Study series

Book description:
This story is a prequel to Shadow Study. Ice Study tells a short story after Fire Study and another short story Power Study.

After the events of Fire Study, Yelena and Valek’s sabattical is cut short when they become entangled in a plot to prevent the Ice Moon from falling into the hands of a rogue magician.

My review:
So the Study series refers back to the events in this short story quite frequently, and although everything seemed familiar, I hadn’t actually read the short story before. It’s a quick read at only 30 pages, and yet Maria has managed to cram in so much story! It amazes me how she manages to do this.

This was a good story to read to get you prepared for the rest of the Study series, but not essential reading before the Study series as you can pretty much piece together what happened. I really enjoyed it though, and it helped ease the grief of finishing off the Study series and having this gaping hole in my life with no hope of any more Yelena and Valek stories in the future; it reminded me that I could go back and re-read the entire series all over again! Huzzuh!

Final review:
Ice Study rating:
10/10, because I love this series.
Would I re-read it? Yes! This series can do no wrong.
Who would I recommend it to? For fans of the Study series, fans of fantasy books with lots of action and awesome kick-ass characters.

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