Bones Are Forever (Temperance Brennan, #15)

Published in: 2012
Pages: 283
Edition read: Paperback
Series: Book 15 in the Temperance Brennan series

Book description:
A woman calling herself Amy Roberts checks into a Montreal hospital complaining of uncontrolled bleeding. Doctors see evidence of a recent birth, but before they can act, Roberts disappears. Dispatched to the address she gave at the hospital, police discover bloody towels outside in a Dumpster. Fearing the worst, they call Temperance Brennan to investigate.

In a run-down apartment Tempe makes a ghastly discovery: the decomposing bodies of three infants. According to the landlord, a woman named Alma Rogers lives there. Then a man shows up looking for Alva Rodriguez. Are Amy Roberts, Alma Rogers, and Alva Rodriguez the same person? Did she kill her own babies? And where is she now?

Heading up the investigation is Tempe’s old flame, Homicide Detective Andrew Ryan. His counterpart from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Sergeant Ollie Hasty, who happens to have a little history with Tempe himself, which she regrets. This unlikely trio follows the woman’s trail, first to Edmonton, and then to Yellowknife, a remote diamond-mining city deep in the Northwest Territories. What they find in Yellowknife is more sinister than they ever could have imagined.

My review:
This was an interesting mystery. At the beginning, you feel hatred towards Amy/Alma/Alva/whatever she calls herself, as she has killed her own newborns and stuffed them in crevices in her house. What kind of monster does that? But as the mystery progresses and we learn more about her, we begin to understand what she thinks she is doing and the hatred turns to pity.

The book is mainly set up in the north of the country, in areas that I’ve never heard of with rich histories in mining- they were actually fascinating to read about. Who knew there was a gold rush in this region? It’s not something you commonly think of when you think Canada (maybe it is if you are Canadian, or even American, but for us Aussies, nope no clue. We know about our own gold rushes but that’s about it!) so I’d be intrigued to learn more about this area and it’s history.

All in all, this was a really good read, after a few less-than-great books lately in this series, and there was copious amounts of Andrew Ryan in it, which is key in this series. Lack of his character usually leads to a dull read, I think it’s the interaction between him and Tempe really drives the story along, and no other character really seems to come close to replicating that interaction if he isn’t in the books.

Final review:
Bones are Forever rating:
Would I re-read it? Yes this was a really interesting mystery
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the series, television show or book; anyone interested in mysteries, crime drama, forensics.

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