Devil Bones (Temperance Brennan, #11)

Published in: 2008
Pages: 304
Edition read: Paperback
Series: Book 11 in the Temperance Brennan series

Book description:
In a house under renovation, a plumber uncovers a cellar no one knew about, and makes a rather grisly discovery — a decapitated chicken, animal bones, and cauldrons containing beads, feathers, and other relics of religious ceremonies. In the center of the shrine is the skull of a teenage girl. Meanwhile, on a nearby lakeshore, the headless body of a teenage boy is found by a man walking his dog.

Led by a preacher turned politician, citizen vigilantes blame devil worshippers and Wiccans and begin a witch hunt, intent on seeking revenge. Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan is called in to investigate, and a complex and gripping tale unfolds in this deadly mix of voodoo, Santería, and devil worship

My review:
This was really good, I didn’t guess the killer at all. There were a lot of curve balls, throwing suspects left and right at you. The whole premise of this story was the hatred and the fear-mongering that select individuals drum up to put minorities into the spotlight as the bad guys (hey, any of this sound familiar in today’s political climate?) however the minorities in this book are those minor religions that people are all suspicious of because they don’t understand any better.

We don’t get any Ryan appearances until the last third of the book- I had been wondering if we’d get any at all, given how things were at the end of the previous book. I had to admit that even with a strong and interesting story, my interest really peaked the second Ryan turned up, and then I couldn’t turn pages fast enough. I hate to say it, but the draw of these books, for me at least, is clearly Andrew Ryan. Let’s hope he’s more of a frequent character in the next book!

Final review:
Devil Bones rating:
Would I re-read it? Yes
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the series, of crime stories, mysteries, forensics or anthropology, or has ever watched the television series.

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