Bare Bones (Temperance Brennan, #6)

Published in: 2003
Pages: 416
Edition read: E-book
Series: Book 6 in the Temperance Brennan series

Book description:
“Down time” is not a phrase in Tempe Brennan’s vocabulary. A string of disturbing cases has put her vacation plans on hold; instead, she heads to the lab to analyze charred remains from a suspicious fire, and a mysterious black residue from a small plane crash. But most troubling of all are the bones. . . . Tempe’s daughter’s new boyfriend invites them to a picnic — a pig pickin’ — in the North Carolina countryside, where a cache of bones turns up. But are they animal or human? X-rays and DNA may link the crimes, but they can’t reveal who is closing in on Tempe and her daughter — and how far they will go to keep her from uncovering the truth.

My review:
Picking up from the prior book, Tempe is about to take a vacation with one of her men- but we don’t find out who for the first few chapters, and she purposely avoids mentioning a name, makes vague comments that could suit either of her men… it’s infuriating! But in the end, she picks the right man.

So this book takes part in Charlotte, and involves some wildlife hunting, some drug smuggling, a plane crash, a new beau in Katy’s life that Tempe does not approve of, a yummy visitor/vacationer, and the usual amount of crazy that comes with these books. Tempe is pretty much go-go-go and doesn’t get much of a vacation, but at least she lands the guy.

The mystery is also a good one, you spend a great chunk of the book suspecting this one guy is a culprit behind all the bad stuff, hell even Tempe is suspecting him, and then it’s like nup, bam, different guy. But the evidence! It all leads to… nup, he has nothing to do with it. Noooooothing. Thankfully the detectives in the books are better at detecting than us poor readers.

Final review:
Bare Bones rating:
Would I re-read it? Yes
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the series- book or television, fans of crime dramas.

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