I’ve been making my way through the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine, and through the course of the series, there are a 6 short stories/novellas that the author has released to be read along with the series. As these are really short, between 6-35 pages each, I have put them into a bulk post.

All these stories are free to read on the author’s website, so I have put the link to each of these, should you wish to check them out yourself.

No Love Lost- Rachel Caine
Book #: Book 1.5 in the Weather Warden Series
Pages: 6
Read online: http://www.rachelcaine.com/shorts/ww/nolovelost/

Description: Joanne, Weather Warden on the run, is asleep in a hotel room after picking up David the Hitchhiker- who is secretly a Djinn. While Joanne sleeps, David is visited by Rahel, another Djinn, who tries to lure him away from Joanne, who David has developed feelings for.

My review:
Short, a scene that was likely cut from the original book, it shows us a side of David that we didn’t have in the first book and it’s quite sweet how devoted he is to Joanne, even at this early point. I’m surprised that Rahel tries to seduce David, as I never get that vibe from her in the books, so that was unexpected. There’s not much else to say as it is so short a story.

Rachel Caine- Oasis
Book #: Book 2.5 in the Weather Warden series
Pages: 34
Read online: http://www.rachelcaine.com/shorts/ww/oasis/

Joanne and David are driving to Las Vegas to try and stop Kevin and Jonathan from whatever nefarious things they are doing, and on the way to Vegas, David convinces Joanne she needs to sleep. Enter the motel in the middle of the desert, where suddenly a murder occurs and Joanne is stuck trying to fight a mad Djinn who appears to be the culprit.

My review:
Longer than the first novella, this is an actual proper short story. There is a bit crammed into the little story, but they are fun to read about and you get a bit more of a sense of the characters and their situation. It also ties into the third book and a scene where David disappears during the night, leaving Joanne alone. Not a huge scene or anything, but having read this, then reading book 3 where this is mentioned, you get a bit of an “Oh right! That’s what that was about!”.

Rachel Caine- Claimed
Book #: Book 2.75 in the Weather Warden Series
Pages: 7
Read online: http://www.rachelcaine.com/shorts/ww/claimed/

David and Joanne are sleeping in a motel room on the way to Las Vegas, when Joanne is awoken in the night by David having a bad dream, and asks him about it.

My review:
Another short scene that was probably cut from one of the books, it’s about how David had a nightmare relating to his time with Bad Bob and that Prentiss bitch (whose death was too swift and short, in my opinion). It’s something to help build up David and Joanne’s characters, we see some of the damage the Djinn experience at the hands of a brutal master who abuses them- like that Prentiss bitch did to David.

Rachel Caine- Midnight at Mart’s
Book #: Book 3.5 in the Weather Warden series
Pages: 30
Read online: http://www.rachelcaine.com/shorts/ww/midnightatmarts/

Joanne has left Vegas and is travelling homeward, but she’s out of money after pissing off Rahel. As she’s spending the last of her cash in a petrol station in the middle of nowhere, Ed the petrol station owner takes pity on Joanne and offers her a temporary job, to make a little cash to help her get home, and then Joanne meets Ed’s dead brother.

My review:
I liked this story, it was a bit strange given the whole ‘blue sparklies are keeping your dead brother alive’ plot but overall, it was fun to read. I do miss having David in the story, given the other three had him in it, but it’s nice that Jo can rely on herself to get out of a mess instead of having her Djinn come in to fix things.

Rachel Caine- Ladies’ Night
Book #: Book 6.5 in the Weather Warden series
Pages: 13 pages
Read online: http://www.rachelcaine.com/shorts/ww/ladiesnight/

Jo and Cherise are dressed up and ready for a fun night out at a club, dancing and drinks and no David! In the club, they run into Rahel, who is out for a bit of fun herself, and Jo has an unexpected visitor come dance with her.

My review:
A short scene where the girls go to cut loose, without any Djinn’s around to annoy them, and then they have Djinn’s popping in. It didn’t do anything to add to any storylines at all, but it was kinda nice to see Jo cut loose, given the amount of stuff she goes through in this series!

Rachel Caine- Black Corner
Book #:Book 8.5 in the Weather Warden series
Pages: 25 pages
Read online: http://www.rachelcaine.com/shorts/ww/blackcorner/

David and Joanne head to the desert to help Lewis locate a missing child, along the way they run into trouble and they discover something new about Lewis.

My review:
This coulda been fleshed out into a longer story for sure, it’s opened up some really great questions that I want answers to! So this is meant to be read after book 8 in the series, but the events in the story clearly occurred prior to the events of book 8. I suspected the twist with Lewis pretty quickly, but it was a nice twist, and I would love it if Rachel explores this in her future books.

Overall review:
Short story ratings: Solid 7/10.
They were all good story-building, character building stories and were great to get some more background. Plus they were mostly fun to read. A lot of them could have been snuck into the actual books themselves rather than as standalone short stories, thankfully Rachel lets you read them for free on her website (unlike some other authors who charge for every word they write!).
I also really would have liked a few of them to be fleshed out into longer stories, but oh well!