Cape Storm (Weather Warden, #8)

Published in: 2009
Pages: 305
Edition read: E-book
Series #: Book 8 in the Weather Warden series; 9 in the Weather Warden Universe

Book description:
Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin and her new husband, the Djinn David, are running from a malevolent hurricane bent on destroying her. Joined by an army of fellow Wardens and Djinn onboard a hijacked luxury liner, Joanne has lured the storm into furious pursuit. But even their combined magic may not be enough to stop it-nor the power-mad ex-Weather Warden controlling it..

My review:
I love cruises, so this book was right up my alley as the Wardens kicked out an entire cruise ship full of people and took control of the ship, to draw a terror-storm away from Miami and out to see where it couldn’t harm innocents. Along with cruise-ship shenanigans, we have Jo dealing with Bad Bob’s mark on her back, which threatens to steal her control at any moment and turn her evil- so nobody, not even her husband David, can trust her anymore.

There was some horrid moments, moments where I shed a few tears as everyone Jo loved had to choose between her and the person she had unfortunately become, due to Bad Bob’s influence- and the decision that Lewis had to make, that had some super teary moments. There was also a betrayal by David that I didn’t see coming, and again, another cliff-hanger ending.

So I will be hitting the next book pretty quickly after having finished this one, as I need to know what is next in store for Jo and David- can they live like this, will they hunt down their lost, well, lost things (let’s not put in a massive spoiler or anything), will they return the cruise ship they didn’t trash? All these questions and more, I need the answers to now!!!

Final review:
Cape Storm rating:
9.5/10. This was such a good book, so much happening, so many twists and turns, so much evil Jo, it’s just awesome.
Would I re-read it? Yes I would
Who would I recommend it to? For people who like paranormal fiction, the author’s other work, and/or have read this series or the Outcast Season series.

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