The Jewel (The Lone City, #1)

Published in: 2014
pages: 362
Edition read: Paperback
Book #: Book 1 in the Lone City series

Book description:
“Today is my last day as Violet Lasting. Tomorrow I become Lot 197.”

Sold for six million diamantes, Violet is now Surrogate of the House of the Lake in the centre of the Lone City, the Jewel. Her sole purpose is to produce a healthy heir for the Duchess – a woman Violet fears and despises.

Violet is trapped in a living death, her name and body no longer her own. She fights to hold on to her own identity and sanity, uncertain of the fate of her friends, isolated and at the mercy of the Duchess.

My review:
First things: this city is totally Atlantis, right? Can anyone confirm this for me? It was bugging me the entire book, and towards the end I was like “ATLANTIS!” what other city would have to hold the tides back? It makes sense. But so far, I can’t see anyone else making that connection… maybe it’s just me?

Moving on. I loved this book, it was easy to read, fun, and just really good. Violet’s life sucks, but she’s making the best of her bizarre situation. I really like the characters in this book as they are well developed and quite interesting. So many things are unknown in the book, and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series to find out more.

Also, love the romance between Ash and Violet.

Final review:
The Jewel rating:
Would I re-read it? YES
Who would I recommend it to? For fans of YA dystopian books

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