Gale Force (Weather Warden, #7)

Published in: 2008
Pages: 306
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Book 7 in the Weather Warden series

Book description:
Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is on vacation when her Djinn lover, David, asks Joanne to marry him. She’s thrilled to say yes, even if some others may be less than happy about it.

Unfortunately, Joanne’s pre-marital bliss is ended by a devastating earthquake in Florida. And she can’t ask David and his kind for assistance. Because the cause of the quake is unlike anything Joanne has ever encountered, and a power even the Djinn cannot perceive.

My review:
Aww Jo and David getting married! That’s awesome. This book though, that was nuts. There’s new bad guys- the Sentinels- who have created Anti-Matter, which can kill Djinns and remove them from the collective memory of all Djinn. It’s also super radioactive.

I feel so bad for Jo through this book, she ought to be having a fantastic time being engaged, planning her dream wedding, being in love with David- and instead, she’s fighting yet another bad guy/threat to the world, and its gotta be exhausting. I had some moments of near-tears at the end when the wedding is over and then Jo’s alone, I was cursing David big-time (but then had to take it back when it was revealed where he was).

And Jo’s arch nemesis comes back and I was so not expecting that. He’s behind the Sentinels, and one of Jo’s closest friends is a member and she accidentally kills him while trying to kill her arch nemesis and it’s mental. The the arch nemesis- who is now a demon, BTW, somehow binds Jo to him and it’s like OH COME ON SERIOUSLY, when will Jo get a break? This series… it’s starting to get to me.

Final review:
Gale Force rating:
Would I re-read it? Yes? Well, out of the series, this might be the one I’m least likely to re-read, as I got frustrated with yet another bad guy/end of the world scenario.
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the author, fans of paranormal romances

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