Levet (Guardians of Eternity, #9.5)

Published in: 2013
Pages: 71
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Book 9.5 in the Guardians of Eternity series

Book Description:
Gargoyles do not admire difference–and Levet is undeniably different. Of miniscule stature, rather beastly looks, and with fragile, delicate wings, even his family has shunned him, banished him from his beloved Paris. That he is the only gargoyle ever to help defeat the Dark Lord and his hordes of minions makes no impression. But now Levet has come home, determined to be restored to the official Gargoyle Guild. To do so, he must confront the most feared gargoyle in all of Europe. The one who tried to kill him as a child: his own mother. . .

With few allies, Levet’s survival may depend on the aid of two strangers: Valla, a beautiful but damaged nymph, and Elijah, the fiercely possessive, love-struck vampire clan chief to whom she can’t quite surrender–unless Levet has something to do with it

My review:
This was a short but sweet story with little time for romance- which was a nice change from previous books. I mean, I love this series, but sometimes it’s a bit much when you read them all in a row and each couple has to have mass amounts of sex because… well, just because. So this book is sans that, but instead features Levet’s home and we learn a bit more about his past. He’s one of the best characters of these books, a tiny little sidekick who plods his way through each story, adding his own bits here and there, and he’s just kinda awesome.

His mother and siblings are totally horrid and I felt so sorry for poor Levet, it’s not his fault he’s small, his family should accept him for the awesome gargoyle he is, but no. However the females in this series see his worth, and Valla is one of those of course. She appeared briefly in an earlier story with Jaelyn, I didn’t expect her to get a spin-off but it was nice that she did. She’s been disfigured since we last saw her, has escaped and ended up in Paris, and has won the eye of the clan chief of Paris who sounds rather delicious.

You know, we may say Levet is the matchmaker, the cupid, of this series. He always pops in during the early courtship of each couple, irritates the male and wins the adoration of the female, and then pops off to annoy someone else while the couple grow closer and end up mated. Yes, he truly is some sort of cupid.

Final review:
Levet rating:
Would I re-read it? Yes
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the series, fans of paranormal romances

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17207134-levet
Author’s website: http://alexandraivy.com/books/levet.php
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Levet-Guardians-Eternity-Book-13-ebook/dp/B00AKI4IT6