Mary Poppins and the House Next Door

Published in: 1988
Pages: 96
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Book 6, final book in the Mary Poppins series

Book description:
Mary Poppins, the unflappable nanny of the Banks c hildren, is back again! This time she returns to save the house next door to the Bankses’. The house has always been empty, and so has become the treasure of Cherry Tree Lane–each neighbor has filled it with personal dreams.

Then a new, but not unknown, tenant arrives, and peace in the lane is gravely threatened. Can Mary Poppins, in her own magical, whimsical way, resolve the crisis?

My review:
The last book of the series, and probably the best of them all because in this book, we see a human side to Mary Poppins, finally. This story is about the vacant house next door to the Bank’s house, which is full of the lane’s dreams and imagination, so they are all very angry when someone decides to move in. Even worse is the fact that it’s the mean nanny that used to look after Mr Banks as a child. But there is a surprise, she brings a little island boy with her, and the lane is enchanted.

The child, known as Luti, is the best thing of this book, he is full of child innocence and wonder and politeness that is rare these days, he is a ray of sunshine in the book, and everyone loves him. Mary Poppins does the most human things she has ever done, by offering the child a chocolate, and going out of her way to rescue the child in the end when he is needed elsewhere. No snapping at the children, no rudeness, hardly any of her being offended when someone tries to compliment her, none of the bullshit. It’s a miracle really.

Final review:
Mary Poppins and the house next door rating:
Mary Poppins series rating: 4/10. Such a disappointment, the books aren’t that bad but the main character of Mary Poppins is just awful. If she was a real person I would slap her repeatedly.
Would I re-read it? No, but if I was going to re-read any book from the series, this would be it.
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the movie, fans of the book, children and parents with young children.