Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane

Published in: 1982
Pages: 91
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Book 5 in the Mary Poppins series

Book description:
She’s back! Mary Poppins, everyone’s favorite nanny, has returned to take the Banks children on another unforgettable adventure. On the most magical of nights, Midsummer’s Eve, all kinds of strange things can happen–mythical visitors come down from the heavens and animals speak. But Mary Poppins takes it all in stride, drawing everyone, even the trembling Park Keeper, into the spirit of a romantic and magical holiday.

My review:
This is a single story rather than multiple (like the other books were), about Midsummer’s Eve and the weird magical things that happen on this night. The poor Park Keeper gets picked on quite a bit in this book, as he first tries to keep to the laws of the Park, then hopelessly tries to join on the mystical magic happenings, and then just has to give up and go with the crazy as Mary Poppins does her thing. I feel sorry for him, he gets into trouble and its never actually his fault, its always Mary Poppins.

I think other things happen in this book, but it honestly wasn’t that memorable.

Final review:
Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree lane rating:
Would I re-read it? No
Who would I recommend it to? Hardcore fans of the book series