Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #5)

Published in: 1996
Pages: 336
Edition read: Paperback
Book #: Book 5 in the Anita Blake Series

Original review from 2010:

Book Description:
When Branson, Missouri, is hit with a death wave-four unsolved murders-it doesn’t take an expert to realize that all is not well. But luckily for the locals, Anita is an expert-in just the kinds of preternatural goings-on that have everyone spooked. And she’s got an “in” with just the kind of creature who can make sense of the slayings: a sexy master vampire known as Jean Claude.

My review:
Okay, so this was the second ever Anita Blake novel I read, way back in 2010. My review for it back then was pretty much glowing. Second time around, and I still find little to fault with. This is the epitome of the series, the high point, the smooth sailing part. The books are solidly established by this point, characters well defined and developed, world fleshed out and workable, and the story is damn great.

There’s vampires, werewolves, faeries, and Anita in a strange new town, looking for a killer that is impossible and should not exist. It’s everything we could ever want in an Anita Blake novel, including Jean Claude coming to share a hotel room with Anita (Will they? Won’t they? Only time will tell). If only the books would keep going like this, this level of super awesome story with kick ass action and characters and just limited romance.

But we all know that it just isn’t meant to be.

Final review:
Bloody Bones rating:
Would I re-read it? Clearly I will. The second time around and it’s still good.
Who would I recommend it to? For fans of Anita Blake, fans of paranormal fiction.

Also, just as a side note: Rawhead and Bloody Bones is a freaking terrifying story to tell children. What the hell were parents thinking inventing this monster? I’m terrified of it and I’m 27 years old.