Forest of the Pygmies

Published in: 2004
Pages: 304
Edition read: Hardcover
Book #: 3rd and final book in the Eagle and Jaguar trilogy

Book Description:
Alexander Cold and Nadia Santos reunite for their final adventure in Isabel Allende’s celebrated trilogy. This time they are heading to the blazing plains of Kenya, where Alex’s grandmother Kate is writing an article about the first elephant-led safaris in Africa. Days into the tour, a Catholic missionary approaches the camp in search of companions who have mysteriously disappeared.

As the group investigates, they discover a clan of Pygmies and a harsh world of corruption, slavery, and poaching. Alexander and Nadia must trust in the strength of their totemic animal spirits as they launch a spectacular struggle to restore freedom to the Pygmies and return leadership to its rightful hands.

My review:
The final book of this series returns the reader to the forest, but this time in Africa. The adventure is a lot less in this book compared to the first two, and Alex and Nadia are a lot older, with Alex being 18 in this book and completely in love with Nadia (although it’s not really mentioned much, it’s kinda obvious). The story finishes the series off neatly, and you know that there will always be a future adventure awaiting these characters, even if we do not get to read about it.

The best thing about this book and the series in whole is the imagery that accompanies the reader, it is quite vivid and detailed and really puts you in the scene.

Final review:
Forest of the Pygmies rating:
Would I re-read it? As with this entire series, they are interesting but I don’t think I’d read them again, they are more of a read-once kinda deal.
Who would I recommend it to? For fans of the series and the author, young adults who enjoy adventure series with a touch of magic and little-to-no romance.

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