Out of Oz (The Wicked Years, #4)

Published in: 2011
Pages: 568
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Book 4 in The Wicked Years series; final book of the series

Book Description:
The Wicked Years, comes full circle with this, his fourth and final excursion across a darker, richer, more complex landscape of “the magical land of Oz.” Out of Oz brilliantly reimagines L. Frank Baum’s world over the rainbow as wracked with social unrest—placing Glinda the good witch under house arrest and having the cowardly Lion on the lam from the law as the Emerald City prepares to make war on Munchkinland. Even Dorothy makes a triumphant return in Maguire’s magnificent Oz finale

My review:
So this book revolves around the child of Liir and Candle, the grandchild of the wicked witch, and it’s…. long. There are areas where the book is almost good, almost interesting… and then it’s just freaking weird and I just don’t even know anymore.

Like… when the grandchild’s love interest ends up being a girl. Even though they, you know, had relations. And he was a boy at that point, obviously. It’s like… damn thats some powerful magic. And there’s not really any hints towards it, so it’s kinda like BAM what the hell just happened and then you never really hear about it anymore. They recon everything is wrapped up in this book, but it isn’t. It ends with the child being like… on an ocean. And that’s it. Does Dorothy get home? Who knows. We get the idea she leaves, but we don’t know if she makes it home safely. Do Liir and Candle end up happy together? Who knows. Does Glinda get out from the southstairs? Your guess is as good as mine. How does the new Oz ruler go? Ermm… ask again later? For wrapping up everything, Maguire kinda failed at wrapping up like… everything.

Well, the one thing I can say is that I am now DONE with this series. I feel like I battled a major challenge here and won. Where’s my medal? Surely I should have a reward or something. I stuck with it! A terrible series, but dang, I started something, I finish it.

Also, the stageshow is amazing, for anyone who was wondering. Just… amazing.

Final rating:
Out of Oz rating:
Would I re-read it? No
Who would I recommend it to? People who started the series and are determined to finish it.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11618151-out-of-oz
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Oz
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Out-Oz-Final-Volume-Wicked/dp/0060859733