Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)

Published in: 2007
Pages: 759
Edition read: Hardcover
Book #: Book 7 and final book in the Harry Potter series

Book description:
Harry is waiting in Privet Drive. The Order of the Phoenix is coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing – if they can. But what will Harry do then? How can he fulfill the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Professor Dumbledore has left him?

My review:
Okay, finally up to the last book in the series, the only one I hadn’t read yet. The book starts off a bit slowly, then there’s a flurry of activity…. and then it’s dull again. For most of the book, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, are travelling around the country trying to keep away from the death eaters, and they are bickering and being generally boring as hell. It’s frustrating to read this part as you just want something to happen but nothing is happening, and they are all acting so bull-headed that you just want to yell at them.

But then the last few chapters it’s like BAM ACTION and it’s exciting and you cannot put the book down and it’s like this, this is what I put up with the boring bits for.

The deaths that happen in this book left me gaping open mouthed at the pages and going “WTF JUST HAPPENED?!” and I cried at the funeral at Bill and Fleur’s house, that made me so sad. Then the deaths in the battle, I knew one of them was coming but the others threw me. It was so sad! I cried actual tears.

But damn, that action, that adventure, that ending! One thing I did not understand though- the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort, when Harry is explaining about the wand and why it would never obey Voldemort. He throws in “because its true master is… Draco Malfoy” and I just went WHAT? Wait…. what? huh? when did this happen? i don’t follow the logic here…. shouldn’t it be Snape? Snape was the one who… Draco never did anything…. what???
I still don’t understand. If anyone out there can shed some light on this situation, it’d be appreciated… because my understanding leads me to Snape being the rightful owner of the wand, given he was the one who killed you know who. So…. yeah. How’d Malfoy get to be the owner? WONT SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME????

Anyhoodle. Apart from that, and the dullness of the middle of the book, it’s pretty decent. The end makes up for everything.

Final review:
HP and the Deathly Hallows rating:
9/10. So good, but the boring bickering travel parts kinda drag down the book. Couldn’t that have been condensed somehow?
Harry Potter series rating: 9.5/10. I have to say, I finally now understand why people love this series, having read all books back-to-back, and that I now have a special place in my bookshelf for the series that until recently I would mock. Funny how things change.
Would I re-read it? Yes I would
Who would I recommend it to? For fans of the books and the movies, young children, and people who grew up reading the books and now are adults like me.

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