Everlasting (The Immortals, #6)

Published in: 2011
Pages: 336
Edition read: E-Book
Book #: 6th and final book in the Immortals series

Book description:
Their darkest enemies now defeated, Damen and Ever are free to embark upon their final quest—to free Damen from the poison lingering in his body. If they can just find the antidote, they’ll finally be able to feel each other’s touch—and experience the passionate night they’ve been longing for. But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet…into the dark heart of Summerland.

Here in a land of scorched earth and endless rain, Ever and Damen will discover their relationship’s hidden origins, expose a secret history they never imagined…and come face to face with the true reason fate keeps tearing them apart. Only then, when the final mystery is unraveled and the last secret revealed, Ever and Damen’s future will hinge on one ultimate decision that will put everything at stake….even eternity.

My review:

I’m a tad excited having finished this, as it means this terrible series is now DONE. *victory dance*

I have to admit, the books got better as the series progressed. This book was not all that bad, it was almost interesting, and even though I still hate the main characters of Ever and Damen, I have grown to a grudging acceptance of them by this point.

Story-wise, this book has tied everything up in a neat little bow. Ever goes on a few journeys and learns all these things about herself, Damen is pig-headed and stubborn but comes around in the end, and Jude ends up accepting their relationship. Look, it’s not great, but if you are going to read books from this series, I suggest the last two as they are clearly the best of the series. I still preferred the prior book though.

And now onto some whining. There are so many reasons I just cannot enjoy this book and this series. I mean, the main characters are annoying, insufferable, 1-dimensional and whingy. The story idea is an immortal boy searches multiple life-times for the same soul who is his soul-mate, and they can’t have sex because if they do they will die, so the books are them trying to get the anti-dote so they can fuck. That is the whole issue driving these stories, no joke. Plus, the fact that Damen searches every life-time for Ever’s soul is supposed to be sweet, but honestly I found it just creepy. There were moments where the book was not bad, but it is outweighed by all the other parts that are just godawful.

How this is a best-selling series that “captured the heart of millions worldwide” is beyond me. I am honestly baffled by that.

Final review:
Everlasting rating:
Immortals series rating: 4/10 overall. I can’t say I enjoyed this series, but at least I finished it.
Would I re-read it? NOPE
Who would I recommend it to? Teenage girls of around 12-17.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9395215-everlasting
Author’s website: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9395215-everlasting
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Everlasting-The-Immortals-Alyson-No%C3%ABl/dp/1250025176


Bonus review: Eternal flame by Alyson Noel
Eternal Flame (The Immortals, # 0.5)
Published in:
Pages: 13
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Prequel to the Immortals series

My review:
This 13 page prequel to the series is about how Damen met Ever’s soul for the first time, when she was a poor maid in France named Evaline. The story itself is actually kinda sweet, possibly because Ever isn’t actually in it (I hate her character just so much).

It was a nice little side-story to show Damen in his life before, a good way to wrap up the series, and a quick read. Given it is a prequel, I am pretty sure you can find this online on multiple sites and read it there.

Eternal flame rating: 5/10. Neither good nor bad, just meh.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8466814-eternal-flame