Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra, #10)

Published in: 2014
Pages: 400
Edition read: E-book
Book #: Book 10 in the Chronicles of Elantra series

Book description:
Any day that starts with dragon arguments is going to be bad

Kaylin returned from the West March in one piece. Now that piece is fraying. She’s not at home in the Imperial Palace—and she never intends to be. All she wants is normal garden-variety criminals and a place of her own. Of course, normal in her new life involves a dragon as a roommate, but she can handle that.

She can’t as easily handle the new residents to the city she polices, because one of them is Nightshade’s younger brother. On a night when she should be talking to landlords in perfectly normal buildings, she’s called to the fief—by Teela. A small family disagreement has become a large, complicated problem: Castle Nightshade’s latent magic is waking.

My review:
My beloved chronicles of Elantra!!!!! Oh, how I’ve missed this series in the 9 months since I read the last book of the series. Seriously, I love this series so damn much. As soon as I read the first sentence, I was hooked again.

So the points I need to make: Wow, this book went by quickly. It seems like there was only a few things that happened, but it was like 400 pages. Secondly, so little Severn? Why? That made me sad. There was like, no Kaylin/Severn tension at all. 😦

Thirdly, I like the new house. It’s kinda awesome, and totally suits Kaylin.

Fourthly…. wow, at the end there…. I was holding my e-reader millimetres away from my face, breathing heavily and muttering prayers to myself, in-between going “oh my god oh my god oh my god”. I don’t know why, but I thought Kaylin was going to sacrifice one of her friends. My biggest feeling was that she was going to sacrifice Severn or Teela for the greater good. And then the last few pages, when the Arkon came by with this other random guy and it was like… HOLY SHITBALLS BATMAN! Thats… woah. But….

Ahem. If you have read the series, I will not spoil it by saying what happened at the end, but it was like… woah. And if you haven’t read the series, this entire review makes little sense. Sorry. Go read the series. If you’ve read this book… you totally know what I’m on about. OMG, that was seriously intense, am I right?

Anyhizoodle. Amazing book. Went by quickly, but so so good.

Final review:
Cast in flame rating:
10/10. Amazing, as usual. Now I have to wait til book 11… (checks to see if there is a book 11 coming) Yup there is *sigh of relief*. Its called “cast in Honor”. Sounds intriguing. Very intriguing. I CANT WAIT!
Would I re-read it? HELLS FREAKING YEAH. This series = best one I’ve found in a long time. I will happily re-read the entire freaking series, book 1 all the way through to 10, all over again. Well christmas vacation is coming up and I will need something to do during the 2 weeks I get off!
Who would I recommend it to? Firstly, fans of the series, duh. Read any of the other 9? Read this one. Then it’s fans of fantasy series with extremly well built worlds, fantastic characters that are really well developed and grow with the books, and a bloody good read.

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