The Lovely Bones

Published in: 2002
Pages: 328
Edition read: E-Book

Book description:
“My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973.”

So begins the story of Susie Salmon, who is adjusting to her new home in heaven, a place that is not at all what she expected, even as she is watching life on eath continue without her – her friends trading rumors about her disappearance, her killer trying to cover his tracks, her grief-stricken family unraveling.

My review:
After finishing my beloved Stephanie Plum series, I got a little lost as to what to go onto next. I checked out my to-read list, this was on the first page and one of the older books on my list, so I randomly started to read it. Seemed like a good way to waste a day when I should have been at work, but was instead curled up in bed in serious pain and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

The book was… well, it wasn’t something I’d normally go and read. It’s a bit morbid, but mostly it’s not something that is that entertaining to me. It wasn’t bad, but not normally something I’d pick up, and although I did finish it in one day, I did find that my mind wandered a lot and I can’t recall if Susie’s murderer ever got caught or died or anything. I cannot recall much from the book even though I only read it two days ago, and that tells me that it’s a story that I read, but I didn’t enjoy or absorb. Shame.

I do know there is a movie of this out, so I plan on searching for a copy and watching that, see if the movie perhaps sits better with me. I know I struggled to get into the book and that I just kept plodding along because I just wanted to finish it, once I had started it. Glad I did finish it in the one sitting, because I think it’d be a really tough book to pick up at another time and try to finish.

Final review:
The Lovely Bones rating:
4/10. It was okay, but not really my cup of tea.
Would I re-read it? No. As I have stated, it was not my thing. The writing failed to draw me in, the subject matter wasn’t something I enjoyed reading about, and the characters weren’t all that great.
Who would I recommend it to? I guess people who have seen the movie, to see where the movie came from originally. Otherwise, it’s a really tough book to recommend. It deals with the death of a young teenage girl and how her family moves on from her brutal murder, not knowing where her body is or what really happened to her. It’s not a book I’d recommend as light reading, that is for sure.