Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)

Published in: 1991
Pages: 326
Edition read: e-book
Book #: Stephanie Plum #2

Book description: (from

Bounty hunter Stephanie Pum is still learning the ropes at her cousin Vinnie’s bail bond office, so when she sets out on the trail of Kenny Mancuso – a suspiciously weatlhy, working class Trenton boy who has just shot his best friend – the stakes are higher than ever. That Mancuso is distantly related to vice cop Joe Morelli – who is trying to beat Stephanie to the punch – only makes the hunt more thrilling…

Taking pointers from her bounty hunter pal, Ranger, and using her pistol packing Grandma Mazur as a decoy, Stephanie is soon closing in on her mark. But Morelli and his libido are worthy foes. And a more sinister kind of enemy has made his first move… and his next move might be Stephanie’s last.

My review:
I had read the first book years ago, and forgotten how much I love this series. These books are fun to read, Stephanie is a character that you cannot help but like, and the mystery is always good. Plus the romance between Stephanie and Morelli is always a nice little extra hit to the books- they are so good together, yet they keep dancing around each other. Even though Morelli is clearly into Stephanie, and vice-versa.

I found myself laughing out loud numerous times at Stephanie’s new car- after her latest car is stolen, she is lumped with the big blue Buick, and she hates that thing. The descriptions of the car, the severe dislike Stephanie has for it, her difficulty in driving and parking the thing- hilarious. I giggled quite a bit through the book, which is always a good thing!

Final review:
Two for the dough rating:
9.5/10. Love the book, love the series.
Would I re-read it? Sure would! I want to now invest in buying the entire series in paperback to fill out my imaginary library shelves in my imaginary library. In reality, they will sit in piles on the ground in my room, slowly taking up all available floor space until I am forced to walk on them or pile them even higher. But a girl can dream, and my dream is my own library.
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of murder mysteries, books with strong funny females, fans of books a little on the quirky side. It’s something I think my mum would love to read, it seems right up her alley.

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