Cold Steel (Spiritwalker, #3)

Published in: 2013
Pages: 614
Edition read: E-Book
Book #: #3 and final book in the Spiritwalker Trilogy

Cat’s sire has stolen her true love, her husband Andevai. Her cousin is married to the Taino ruler, but is under the thumb of General Camjiata, who is planning another war in Euorpa and wants Bee and Cat by his side, as his tools. Cat’s only concern is keeping Bee safe from the Wild Hunt, and getting Vai back from her father, but it’s not going to be easy. Nothing is easy when the Wild Hunt is involved, but Cat won’t back down, she will fight to save the people she loves, even if it means sacrificing herself.

My review:
AHHHHH. So much happens in this book! Vai and Cat are awesome, even if the author seems determined to try and keep them apart. Curse her! I hated Drake so much, so I was glad when Cat gets her revenge, finally, though it felt kinda like a hollow victory somewhat.

I felt like the ending left enough of an opening for a potential sequel or spin-off series, but I don’t have high hopes- even if I did just find a novella in this world written from Vai’s perspective- which I plan on devouring this weekend.

Final review:
Cold Steel rating:
10/10. I loved this book, plain and simple.
Spiritwalker Trilogy rating: 10/10. Yes it had a slowish start, but it rewarded more than ten-fold. The characters are so well developed they feel like real people, like friends and family to me. The world is rich and fantastic, and the books are just non-stop. I couldn’t put them down once I’d started them.
Would I re-read it? Hells yes. I loved the series, I look forward to reading the entire thing again. Now that I know exactly how everything ends up, it’d be nice to go back and see the slight hints that I wouldn’t have picked up on the first time around.
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of the series will love the final book, it does tie up a lot of loose ends. Not all though- so perhaps there is more to come?!?!?! One can only hope. Otherwise, fans of steampunk, alternate history, fantasy.

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