Cast in Sorrow (Chronicles of Elantra, #9)

Published in: 2013
Pages: 384
Edition: e-book
Book #: 9th in the Chronicles of Elantra

Book description:
Continuing where the 8th book left off, Kaylin, Severn, and the Barrani High Lords are travelling to the West March. They’ve lost numbers on the way, and they’ve found unconventional roads to travel, learning that it’s quite possible there’s a traitor in their midsts. With all this happening, it’s hard for Kaylin to concentrate on her upcoming duties as Harmoniste.

The safe arrival at the West March is as unexpected as Kaylin’s continuing survival where it is clear she is not wanted. She has seen the face of the betrayer, she knows his name, and she knows that the trouble is not over, it’s just started.

My review:

Can I just say, mega depressed now that I’ve read all the books in the series that are currently out. That I’ve consumed all 9 books and 1 nouvella, loved and adored them all, and yet, still NO SEVERN KAYLIN UNDYING LOVE DECLARED. *takes deep breaths*

Sorry. I got to the end of the book and felt seriously sad about that. Happy though, because the story was still so damn good. I cannot wait until the 10th book comes out later this year.

So…. yeah. Story continues from book 8, it’s focused on the West March rather than the journey, and it’s just as fast paced and action packed as before. Kaylin doesn’t really get a chance to rest because so much keeps happening, and it makes for good storytelling. I cannot wait to re-read the entire series again, because it is the kind of series you can read over and over and over again and not get bored. The world is just so rich and vast and so well developed that you can believe it is real. It is the world itself that keeps me so addicted (besides Severn/Kaylin, of course). I just love everything about the world of Elantra.

Final rating:
Cast in sorrow rating:
Would Ire-read it? yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeesssss
Who would I recommend it to? EVERYONE.
Sorry. Biased. Love book and series so much that i cannot think of a single person this wouldn’t appeal to. But that’s just my opinion. Why not pick up a copy and see for yourself? You wont be disappointed!!!

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And now, the countdown til July 29th begins. Bring on book 10, I’m ready and impatient.