Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, #7)

Published in: 2011
Pages: 457
Edition: E-Book
Book #: Book 7 in the Chronicles of Elantra

Book Description:
There’s a new race in the city of Elantra, taking up residence in the fief of Tiamaris. There are 7 identical bodies of a dead woman discovered in the same fief, and this strange new race seems to know the person these bodies once was. Kaylin and Severn have to race against time to identify this unknown woman before the 8th and final corpse shows up and it is too late for them to save this woman, who may end up being the only living female dragon in existance.

My review:
Why are you still so good? Why is this story still so addictive? Normally by the 7th book, the series has grown stale and you are bored… but I am still devouring these books by the day and loving them more and more. The stories are still unbelievably amazing and not in the slightest bit dull or stale, and the characters are still beyond fantastic and evolving and gaaaaah. There are more hints about Severn’s true feelings towards Kaylin (SQUEE!!!!) and Kaylin discusses more reasons as to why she seems to be pushing him away instead of throwing herself at him, like I would have done by now if I was Kaylin. At least we are making steps towards them hopefully one day becoming a couple, albeit very tiny miniscule baby steps.

The saddest thing about this book is that, after finishing this, I only have two books left 😦 then I run out and have to wait until mid-July to get the next book in the series *insert mass amounts of sobbing here*I just don’t know how I will be able to exist until then!!

Final review:
Cast in Ruin rating:
10/10 of course. Another solid entry into the chronicles of Elantra, and damn if I am reading these books faster and faster. I can’t seem to turn that pages fast enough!!!
Would I re-read it? Hells yes I would. I have to do something in the long months until the 10th book comes out, and once I’ve read 8 & 9 I will have to do something to keep myself immersed in this world before I go crazy!!!
Who would I recommend it to? Everyone and anyone. It’s got action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, magic, tiny hints of potential romance perhaps one day… it’s the book for everyone.

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