Harvest Moon

Published in: 2010
Pages: 384
Edition read: E-Book

Book description:

3 stories from 3 brilliant authors.

A Tangled Web by Mercedes Lackey

The story of Persephone and Hades, their forbidden love and the destructive force this love can have on a mother. Along with a lovestruck Valkyrie- Brunhilde- and her lover thrown in for good measure. When Brunhilde is mistaken for Persephone, in Hades’ plan to have his love kidnapped and brought down to the underworld to be his bride forever, Persephone must find a way to fix the wrongs and free Brunhilde from the underworld prison she now is in, if Brun wants to ever be reunited with her lover Leopold.

Cast in Moonlight by Michelle Sagara

Kaylin is a 13-year-old nothing from the fiefs, and she has just messed up big time. Sent to kill the Hawklord, she instead finds herself as an unofficial mascot to the Hawks. Her bizarre powers make themselves known in the current investigation into a child prostitution ring, and she may be the one who can save the innocents, but at what cost? A prequel to the Chronicles of Elantra series, showing Kaylin before she became the Hawk she is today.

Retribution by Cameron Haley

Domino is a gangsta witch who takes crap from no one, and she has just had the worst day. Getting rid of someone who had gotten a bit too big for their shoes should have been easy, but he cursed her, and now the angel of death- who is sexy as hell and damn annoying- is on her tail, giving her three days before he comes to collect her.

My review:

The story of Persephone and Hades was pretty good- I love me some mythological stories. The romance was a tad lacking, but the story itself was interesting and kept me entertained enough.

Of course, the story of Kaylin’s origins with the Hawks took center stage for me, because hello, CHRONICLES OF ELANTRA FTW. No Severn unfortunately, but that’s okay because Kaylin as a little 13 year old is damn fascinating. It helps the story and the hints Kaylin has given regarding her beginnings and the things she did that she regrets, and her at such a young age is really quite interesting as you can see how she has grown into the character she is in the rest of the stories. Damn loved it.

Dominos’ story was… different. Wasn’t too fond of her constantly referring to herself as a gangsta. That made me want to giggle every time. I’m sorry, but the word Gangsta just brings up images of try-hard kids on Tumblr or Failbook posting with money and cigars and trying to look like they are hella-cool, but just so aren’t. She was a character that was hard for me to relate to as well, but the story kept me rather entertained.

Final review:
Harvest Moon Rating:
8/10. Interesting novellas in this collection, all having to do with the harvest moon.
A Tangled Web Rating: 7/10. There was something lacking from the story I felt, but it was good overall. I think Mercedes’ writing has that effect on me, I vaguely recall not being to impressed with her before as well.
Cast in Moonlight rating: 10/10. Cause CHRONICLES OF ELANTRA FTW. Sorry, slightly obsessed with the series, in case you could not tell.
Retribution rating: 6/10. Interesting, but was not a fan of Domino overall- hard to relate to I felt- and seriously, stop calling yourself a Gangsta. You’re not a 14 year old white skinny boy with too-big pants trying to be cool to his friends on social media. That’s what the word is now forever associated with.
Would I re-read the book? Maybe. Well, I would read Michelle’s story again cause COE FTW, as I have started a few times already. Other two, meh. Might read, but might not. No strong feelings either way.
Who would I recommend it to? fans of the authors. Most reviews on goodreads are people who read the book for either COE (like me) and loved it, or fans of Mercedes. So if you like them, or even Cameron (whose work I’d never read before, but she is a pretty decent storyteller, except for the whole “gangsta” thing), then you will enjoy this anthology.


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7920255-harvest-moon

amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Harvest-Moon-Mercedes-Lackey/dp/0373803346