Book of Life (Knight Angels, #3)

Published in: 2011
Pages: 302
Edition: E-Book
Book #: Knight Angels #3 (Final book in the series)

Jane is dead… or is she? Can Max bring her back? Is Avery redeemable, can Max bring her back too? And what happened to Stella, the owl that died at the same time Jane did… she seems to be back but not as an owl. In fact, she looks eerily like someone dear to Max.

My review:
Final book in the series. Still hasn’t improved, though I was curious after the last book left off with a bit of a cliff-hanger. I had most interest in this book out of the three, but the ending was weak and everything tied up into a neat little bow… so very uncool. Things don’t happen like that in real life, and it was far too Disney happy ending for my liking (nothing wrong with that, but it felt like the author’s easy way out of writing a good ending)

But at least I’m done now. I think the writer has some good ideas and she has promise, but she needs to work on her characters- they are just too one dimensional and bland at the moment- and she needs to work on editing her books. It really detracts from the overall story to have to continually try to figure out which character she is talking about now when she’s put the wrong name in here and there. Not to mention how distracting it is to come across simple spelling errors, published work needs to be better edited than that. Hell, even spellcheck could have picked some of those errors out! Very frustrating.

Final review:
Book of life rating;
Knight Angels series rating: 5/10. Too many errors, characters too flat, and editing needs to happen!
Would I re-read it? Overall no. The series was irritating and I think the author really needs to grow a bit before I can take her seriously as an author. At the moment, although the ideas are good, the follow through is not so good.
Who would I recommend it to? Teenage girls who enjoy fantasy series or books about angels. Just don’t be too disappointed about the editing, you have been warned that it is dismal at best.