Small Shen

Published in: 2012
Pages: 352
Edition: Paperback SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR HERSELF (woooo! She’s a lovely person, BTW)

Description: (From
SMALL SHEN is the amazing story of Gold — a stone spirit and a chronic troublemaker in the court of the great Gods of Chinese mythology.

A mix of Kylie Chan′s brilliant storytelling and Queenie Chan′s beautiful illustrations, SMALL SHEN is a fantastic treat for fans of WHITE TIGER. Readers will be thrilled to discover the events leading up to John Chen and Emma Donahoe′s story in this wonderful prequel.

Shown through Queenie Chan′s stunning illustrations and comics, the story follows the stone spirit Gold′s entertaining adventures throughout history. His escapades include seducing a dragon princess, attempting to steal one of the Tiger′s wives, making bets with demons, and working for the Blue Dragon of the East.

Eventually, as a result of his crimes against Heaven and his constant philandering, Gold is ordered to join the household of Xuan Wu, the Dark Lord of the Northern Heavens. Xuan Wu is also known as John Chen, a Hong Kong businessman.

The story then follows Gold and Jade — the dragon princess – in contemporary Hong Kong. The two small shen must help guard John Chen′s beloved human wife and baby daughter from demon attack. John Chen is vulnerable to attack while living on Earth, but his family are in the most danger of all…

SMALL SHEN is a unique piece of work for fans of Kylie Chan to treasure, but also a fantastic introduction to this gripping series

My review:
Did I mention that my copy was SIGNED BY KYLIE CHAN?!?!?!?! I met her at Supanova in 2013, and had nothing for her to sign, because I already owned all her books…. apart from this one. Which I had avoided buying specifically because it was a comic, and I don’t really do those (apart from Lenore, and that was back in highschool art class, cause our art teacher was useless and reading those comics was more fun). Anyhoodle, I brought it there, had Kylie sign it, had a little convo with her about how awesome her books are, and then sat on the train platform afterwards reading the book while waiting for the train. Good times.

It’s the story of Jade and Gold, who are quite big players in the two series (three now though, isn’t it) and goes into how they end up in John’s service. It was fascinating to learn about these two characters, as well as John and his relationship with Michelle, Simone’s mother, before she died. And the comics were surprisingly easy to follow and understand, so I ended up devouring this book.

Definitely worth the highly inflated convention price I paid for the book, and as an added bonus, signed by Kylie and therefore even more awesome.

Final review:
Small Shen rating:
10/10. Fantastic book from a fantastic author.
Would I re-read it? Yes, it was just awesome.
Who would I recommend it to? Fans of her series. It’s about the characters from her books and their lives before the first book was set, so it’s really a prequel, if you will. People who have not read the series will also enjoy this book, but I’m thinking that having read at least the first series, or first book of the first series, will help with the understanding of the characters.

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