Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park, #1)

Published in: 1990
Pages: 480
Edition: E-Book
Book #: #1 in the Jurassic Park series

Book Description:

If you don’t know the premise of this story, where the hell have you been hiding for the last 20 years?

The story of an idealistically eccentric multi-millionaire’s venture into the theme park of the future- with the creatures of the past as the main show. Dinosaurs are genetically re-created and placed on a tiny island off South America, into a zoo-like setting. Before the big opening, a few select guests are invited to the island to ‘preview’ the attraction, and it goes horribly wrong.

My review:

I’m a 90’s kid, I grew up with the movies and did have intentions to ‘one day’ read the books. You know those intentions, we all have them. Well, when I came across a nice little download of the book, I couldn’t say no, and then while at work one lunchtime, I was looking for a new read and this popped on up.

So the movie is quite true to the book, from what I can recall, with the main differences being that the children in the book are reversed in age in the movie- in the book, the boy is older than the girl, where as in the movie, the girl is older than the boy; and in the book, there’s a death that I don’t recall happening in the movie. Otherwise, it seemed to be quite similar, and I was rather pleased with this, for once. I felt that in making this book into the movie, they actually stayed true to the story, which made it an enjoyable read, as it was both familiar and new, and it was a fun little old read.

Really want to watch the movies again though, even though I know they result in creepy velociraptor dreams for days afterwards (am I the only one who gets those? They scare me more than the T-Rex, they are smarter, more vicious, and they are a similar size to humans so they can wander around your house. CREEPY!)

Final review:

Jurassic Park rating: solid 8/10. Great movie, great book, fun read overall.

Would I re-read it? Yes I would. It’s like the movie, you don’t see it for a few years, but then, when you randomly come across it one day, you remember just how awesome it is.

Who would I recommend it to? It’s really quite suited to all ages (but the very young, it could be rather scary for them). I think this would be really great to read to a young boy, who would be fascinated by dinosaurs (I recall my brother running through that phase from ages 5-11, so this might be suitable? Maybe a tad older than 5.)

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7677.Jurassic_Park

That is all you will get, as the movie is far too entrenched with the book to actually sift through to find decent links. But honestly, any library should have multiple copies of this book on hand, it is quite well known.