The Wandering Earth

Published in: 2012
Pages: 45
Edition: E-Book

Book description: (From

I’ve never seen the night, nor seen a star; I’ve seen neither spring, nor fall, nor winter. I was born at the end of the Reining Age, just as the Earth’s rotation was coming to a final halt.

The Sun is about to unleash a helium flash, threatening to swallow all terrestrial planets in the solar system. On Earth, the Unity Government has erected Earth Engines. With them it plans to propel our planet out of the solar system, setting it on a journey into outer space in search of a new sun. The Earth begins its centuries-long, wandering travels through outer space.

Just as we began our journey, my grandfather passed away, his burnt body ravaged by infection. In his final moments, he repeated over and over, “Oh, Earth, my wandering Earth…”

My review:

I have put off reviewing this book as long as I had the last one, but for different reasons. See, I hated and liked this story. Mainly hated, because it has stayed with me ever since. Haunting. Because it felt like it could really happen.

I’ve always believed that humans will still be around, living on earth, when the sun decides to go ape-shit and die/explode/implode/swallow the earth/whatever. Mainly because humans are like cockroaches. Try to kill the bugger, but they just keep on squirming and living, and you never seem to be able to kill them all. There is always one that is hiding somewhere, away from your bug spray… I mean, giant sun that will kill us. I believe we will adapt to the situation no matter what, so the idea that this story could actually happen… it scares me. And intrigues me. And freaks me out.

I hated it. I liked it. I really disliked it. Why would it happen like this? Could it happen like this? The story is so short, at only 45 pages, but it took me a while to read, because there is a lot to grasp. They shoved a lot into a tiny 45 pages, the story was dry and the characters detached, but it was the idea that sticks with you rather than the characters anyways.

Final review:
The wandering earth rating: 2/10. No, 5/10. Maybe 6/10. Or how about 3? I just cannot make my mind up about this story.

Would I re-read it? NO. NOT EVER. NEvER AGAIN. I read this back in March. It’s now October. The story still enters my mind, frequently. To have a story linger for so long, it just unnerves me. I cannot read the book again and refresh the details, I want them to die out and never return goddamnit! I don’t want to think about the potential demise of the earth and human race, hundreds of thousands of years in the future, when i am dead and cannot do a thing about it!

Who would I recommend it to? Erm, tough one. Hated it yet intrigued by it, I still cannot figure out what my real impression of the story is apart from intense diverse feelings, mass confusion and annoyance, and slight intrigue. So it’s hard to recommend. I think it’s a good book for fans of science fiction and apocalyptic books for sure, but apart from that, I could not really recommend it.

Given my intense feelings of whatever for this story, I don’t think I’ll post any links to it. I just don’t quite know if I would support the book or shun it? Either way, I finally got this review out of the way, and have a stack of others lined up to post shortly.