Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, #1)

Published in: 2008
Pages: 343
Edition: Paperback
Book #: Silver Dragons Series #1

Back cover:
Despite her unique ability to protect herself by hiding in the shadows, May’s on the run for breaking Otherworld law. And she’s also in hiding from her demon boss, Magoth, who is absolutely determined to seduce her. But then May meets Gabriel. The most gorgeously, broodingly, handsome piece of trouble you can imagine. Sparks fly- quite literally- whens she discovers he’s actually a shapeshifting dragon. And the passion that burns between them makes it look like he could be the one to take her out of the shadows for good. That is until Magoth orders May to steal one of Gabriel’s treasures. And she really does have to decide if she’s up to playing with fire.

My review:
Okay, first up. Wow, what a cheesy blurb. I feel all kinds of cheap and nasty for reading/typing that up. Seriously.

Good thing the book itself is better than the blurb. I read the second book in this series first- because I’m just that kind of normal- and had been itching to get the third book, when I stumbled across the first one in a secondhand book store, for like $1. Which was just bloody sweet. So reading this was more or less me finding out how May and Gabriel started off and attempting to recall what happened in the second book and how the first one may have shaped it.

But damn. This book. It was good. I devoured the thing. Took me 2 days, but given I now work full time as a productive member of society (blah) I don’t get the opportunities to read like I used to, so this is the equivalent of about 6 hours tops.

The characters are intriguing. May is a bit of a loner woman type who doesn’t need a man, because she’s too busy being awesome, and Gabriel is such an overprotective stubborn male, that it’s a cliche. But it works. They have a bit more of a reality to them than some characters, they fight a lot and they make up a lot, they are put in strange circumstances, and it’s not exactly thought provoking, so it’s something you can read without having to pause and ponder things. Plus there is a lot of action and a bit of a mystery, so it’s really quite entertaining. It’s books like these that make me addicted to the paranormal genre.

Final review:
Playing with fire rating: 10/10. Loved it. I love this writer, this series, the characters, its just good storytelling backed up by solid characters and a decent plot.
Would I re-read it? Hells yes. I’m thinking that, whenever I do find the rest of the series, I may have a refresher read of the first two.
Who would I recommend it to? Well, it’s a paranormal romance book. It’s aimed at women, and it’s smutty so it’s clearly not for young ones.

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