Passion Unleashed (Demonica, #3)

Published in: 2009Pages: 410
Edition: Paperback
Book #: #3 in the “demonica” series

Back Cover:
Serena Kelley is an archaeologist and treasure hunter-and a woman with a secret. Since she was seven, she’s been the keeper of a powerful charm that grants her health and immortality . . . as long as she stays a virgin. But Serena isn’t all that innocent. And when a dangerously handsome stranger brings her to the brink of ecstasy, she wonders if she’s finally met the one man she cannot resist.

Wraith is a Seminus demon with a death wish. But when an old enemy poisons him, he must find Serena and persuade her to give him the only known antidote in the universe-her charm. Yet, as she begins to surrender to his seductions and Wraith senses the cure is within his grasp, he realizes a horrible truth: He’s falling for the woman whose life he must take in order to save his own

My review:This was the first book out of the series I’ve read, and it took a little bit to get into it. Without the background story, I was floundering a little. It’s rather like most books of the paranormal smut genre these days (I may have just invented this new sub-genre… but it is rather apt) where big strong man meets fragile girl who is stronger than he realises and has real spunk, and can make big strong man have emotional feelings. One may end up close to death, but never fear, it’s a happy ending in store where they get to live happily ever after. It’s a formula that I’ve read a lot of, but it seems to not get that tired. Not until you’re reviewing it anyway. While reading it, I was pretty enthralled.

I liked how Serena was a treasure hunter, and that much of the book was based in Egypt. Wraith was fairly stereotypical, but not unlikable, so it was easy to keep reading, and hope for the two of them to end up with their happy ever after.

Final review:
Passion Unleashed rating
: 8/10. Standard story, but it was still a page-turner.
Would I re-read it? Possibly. It’s quite long for a book of the paranormal-smut genre- usually they are fluffy little 200 page novels, but this was double that at the 400 mark. So where I’d usually re-read this on holidays as a nice light read, I wouldn’t really be so willing to with this doorstop of a book. Even so, I would give it another read. It’s not a thinking book. Sometimes, that’s just what you need.
Who would I recommend it to? Well, under 18, NO WAY. Male, hell no. Females. Of a mature age. Who are not offended by graphic smut scenes. Yup, it’s a paranormal ‘romance’ smut book, and it fits a rather specific target audience.