Divided Souls (Darke Academy, #3)

Published in:2010
Pages: 298
Book #:3rd in the Darke Academy Series

Back cover:
Death has followed the Darke Academy to the ancient city of Istanbul. An unseen hunter is on the loose.

Scholarship girl Cassie Bell is fascinated by the city’s beauty, but there’s no time for her to relax. Torn between an old flame and a new romance, she must also choose between the select world of the Few and her loyalty towards her best friends. And all the time a killer is stalking the Few. As Cassie is about to discover, no one is above suspicion…

My review:
Okay, it has been a while since I read this, but I still recall the key points. I did enjoy the book, I loved that it was set in Istanbul (A place I so totally want to visit one day), and it was nice to see Cassie becoming much more a part of the Few than before. Isabella did piss me off, with her sneaking around and whatnot, and I hated the ending, though am dying to read the next book, since I need to know what happens with Ranjit. Just a shame about Jake. Oh well.

The low points of this book lay with the fact that it could be so much more expanded, more detailed, but it’s basically dumbed down for the teenage audience it is aimed at- which frustrates me to no end.

Final review:
Divided souls rating:
7/10. It was an interesting read, with an ending that was both bad and really quite good, though a little predictable.
Would I re-read it? Perhaps. The series is something that has great ideas and twists, but it’s the way its written that frustrates me. Guess if I was a teeanger still, I’d adore them, but given I’m out of that age range now, it just kinda annoys me how simple everything is written.
Who would I recommend it to? Teenage girls. That’s what it’s aimed at, it’s who will enjoy this the most. If your teenie loves paranormal things, then this is the book for her.

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7198023-divided-souls