Blood Ties (Darke Academy, #2)

Published in: 2010
Book #:2nd in the series

Back cover:
This term the secretive Darke Academy has moved to New York, and Cassie Bell is no longer the innocent new girl. Now she is strong, determined, and hiding secrets of her own. Cassie has been introduced to the world of the Few and is struggling to come to terms with her astonishing powers, a dangerous romance, and the malevolent spirit inside her, demanding to be fed. When an old enemy returns, bent on revenge, Cassie is tested to the limit. Can she rescue her friends from a horrific fate, or will she end up destroying them to save herself?

My review:
These books… are aimed at teenagers. Yes.
So really, I shouldn’t expect more from them. I should read them as if I were still a giggling shrieking teenager with bad taste in music and clothes. But I’m not, and I can’t.
So Cassie, who is hugely annoying, snags Rajesh as her boyfriend, and finds that she, of course, has some super special powers, cause the main character is always a unique special flower. There’s some drama with her roommate and her roommates boyfriend, an old enemy returns to wreck havok and of course, has her ass handed to her by the unique special flower of Cassie, and there is boyfriend dramas cause Cassie and Rajesh cannot just be a normal happy couple, oh no.

There are interesting parts of the story, sure, but it all kinda blends into one after a while, and I just keep noticing the lost opportunities- the story could be so much more, be more evolved, more detailed, more… grown up. But it isn’t, it just falls flat in all of those, in order to make it easier to read by the teenagers of today, who are distracted by shiny objects and bad boy bands. Sigh.

Final review:
Blood ties rating:
6/10. It’s not remarkable, it’s readable and it has promise, but I feel it could have been so much more.
Would I re-read it?Honestly, I’m not feeling it. Maybe if I felt like re-reading the series again, some day in the future, I’d give it another whirl, but really, once was enough.
Who would I recommend it to?Teenage girls. It’s who it’s aimed at, and it’s who it appeals to, exclusively.

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