The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove

Published in:2009
Book #:Standalone

Back cover:
High School beauty Natalie Hargrove has spent years plotting to become prom queen. She’s got just what it takes: popularity, glamour and ruthless ambition. When someone threatens to overturn her perfect plan, Natalie needs to take control. but a critical error plunges her into a sea of secrets, shame and scandal. because it turns out there’s one thing even Natalia Hargrove can’t command- and that’s fate.

My review:
I picked up this book from a second hand store for $2, and was hell excited cause I had just read, devoured and fallen in love with her series about Luce and the angels. So I had high, high hopes for this book, thinking it would be just as addictive to read as the series.


Not even close. My, what a let-down. It’s got no paranormal elements, which I know is part of my current ongoing love in reading, but I knew that going in. It’s a spoilt rich brat who turns out to be originally from the wrong side of the tracks and previously poor, who is trying to get crowned some royal title (Royal as in, high school royalty). And here’s the clincher: she ends up mistakenly killing a guy. Woah. But really, the book lacks in so, so very much.

Natalie is a very spoilt brat. She is 2 dimensional, shallow, and annoying. I hated her from the get-go. She’s with a sweet guy, who she loves, but has feelings for another guy, but won’t admit them to herself… and those feelings go nowhere. I mean, they should have at least been explored, but no. And the ending? Weak and kinda saw it coming really, given how the book started. I just… I just disliked the book immensly. I struggled to finish it really.

Final review:
The betrayal of natalie hargrove:
4/10. I expected so much more from this excellent author, and was very disappointed. Given her other work, this should have been a page-turner, but it was instead a struggle.
Would I re-read it?No. Once was enough. I know what happens, and I really don’t care to have this drivel being placed in my mind again.
Who would I recommend it to?Teenage girls. The book is purely for teenage girls, especially those who are ‘popular’, as it really gives a message that there is more to life than popularity and the lengths one goes to for something so silly. But really, it’s just a teenage book about a whiny girl who is too busy plotting and scheming to live in the moment and enjoy what she has.

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