Angelic (Women of the Otherworld)
By Kelley Armstrong

Published in: 2009
Pages: 98
Edition: Hardcover
Book #: 9.3 in the Women of the Otherworld Series (It’s a Nouvella)
Time taken to read: an hour

As a half-demon master of the dark arts, Eve Levine isn’t what anyone would call angelic. That’s exactly why the Fates chose her for the job. She’s their secret weapon against the forces of evil. However after five years, Eve is tired of being hte designated rebel of the angel corps, expected to break the rules, then penalised for it. When the leaderless djinn stage an uprising, Eve sees the perfect chance to get herself fired. As she plunges deeper into the demon world, though, she realises she’s in danger of losing a lot more than her job.

My review:
Okay, so I picked this book up at the closing down half-price sale of a second hand book store, purely because the cover looked pretty. I mean, there’s the ruins of some ancient temple in the background, and a giant detailed sword! Fun times! But I didn’t particularly realise that this is a nouvella. Not a novel, not really a story, just a little extra sidenote to a series that has been thrown in for shits and giggles.

Now the story itself, being a nouvella, is light on details and character development. Shame really. The story is short and sweet, but it had great premise to be something more. I wanted more in the story, I wanted another 200 pages to really flesh it all out. But no. It felt short, rushed, and simple. Shame. Still, as a standalone novel/nouvella, it was pretty good. Didn’t really linger on details from previous stories that you should have known- explained most things pretty plainly, so even someone as idiotic as me who has never read anything this author has written up until this little nouvella (Which sits pretty between books 9 and 10 in the series… for shame) you can read this story, figure out the main characters, and even follow their lives as its all explained. Neat.

My main gripes really come from the length and the fast pace in which the story is dolled out. I mean, its not anything spectacular, plot-wise, but it definitely could have been fleshed out to something greater. It all jsut felt rushed.

Final review:
Angelic rating:
5/10. It was just a ‘meh’ book really. It got me intrigued to the series (Women of the Otherworld) and I think I may enjoy reading these other books, so I have to give props to that. But as for the story… it just felt meh. Not life changing, memorable, or really something that sucked me in.
Would I re-read it? Given it takes only an hour to read, why not. I mean, I wouldn’t drag this book on holiday or anything- I tend to need something a bit longer for those instances- but if I have an hour to kill and no desire to watch TV or stare at a wall, then this may be the answer.
Who would I recommend it to?It’s a paranormal romance, without much in the romance department. Its fairly safe for anyone over 13, just a bit of language and some implied scenes. Really, I think this would be one of those books you read if you’re interested in Kelley’s writing but haven’t actually read anything by her- like I was- as it gives you a nice quick introduction to her writing style, how she creates a scene and characters, and gives you a feel as to whether you’d be able to read this author or not.