Published in: 1920
Pages: 294
Edition: E-Book
Book #: First in the series of Hercule Poirot
Time taken to read:9 days

Hercule Poirot is a retired Belgium detective who is brought in to investigate the murder of wealthy heiress, presumably by someone of her very own household. Suspects include her recent husband, Arthur Inglethorpe, her step-sons Lawrence and John, John’s wayward wife Mary Cavendish, the ward Cynthia, the Jewish German Doctor Bauerstein, and the recently fired Evelyn Howard. Poirot conducts his own investigation, confiding in the visiting guest Hastings, through which the narrative is told. With baffling clues and absurd behaviour, the story is woven, giving each suspect their own reasons and evidence for why they killed the old lady.

My review:
Shit. I laughed out loud when the killer was finally revealed. Damn Mrs, Christie, but you know how to write a mystery. I guessed the killer from the first few chapters, kept this killer in mind hte entire time, felt oh so smug when the evidence started stacking up against him…. and then was completely blind-sighted. I loved every damn moment of it too. Poirot is a queer little man, in the sense that he just acts in bewildering ways, yet keeps you entertained.

I actually downloaded this, and other works by Agatha, purely because she was in an episode of Doctor Who. One of the first episodes I watched, and found myself completely intrigued. She was a strange yet captivating character in the show, and the idea that her work survives to be read thousands of years in teh future, as revealed at the end f the episode, made me ask exactly how good was her writing? So, I downloaded and read, and loved. I can understand the attraction of the stories, the mysteries that seem so simple, yet aren’t. I really do look forward to reading some more of her work.

Final review:
Mysterious affair at styles rating: 8/10. I just really enjoyed it. And the fact that I didn’t guess the kiler, well, that was what made it such a great story. It was such a blindsight, yet so clever, that I couldn’t help but admire the writing.

Would I re-read it? Yeah, I think so. Yet the mystery wouldn’t be as fun the second time around, as I would know the killer/s right off. Yet, it would be fun to read again, this time paying attention to the subtle clues, and appreciating the story in a whole other light.

to?Anyone looking for a decent mystery story. I think sometimes, todays writings get too caught up in trying to fuck the reader over. Where as this, it is so simple, the clues are really all there, yet it steers you in the completely wrong direction the entire time. So unless you are seriously clever, I doubt you’ll get the killer right off. It’s the kind of mystery that makes you think, and keeps you entertained to the end.

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