Dream Warrior Cover Picture
Dream Warrior
By Sherrilyn Kenyon
Published in: 2009
Pages: 314
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: unknown. Perhaps a birthday present last year, I randomly came across it hidden in the depths of my ‘to-read shelf’
Time taken to read: About a day

So I adore this series and this author. She writes about greek mythology, in present day circumstances, and they always sound so goddamn hot. I read a review about this book just then, about how the author has a steady formula for the series where every book, the characters are basically the same- tortured and wild males who are tamed by their beautiful and strong females. But really, it works. Even if the repetition was only just pointed out to me just then, I still really enjoy the books. I could barely put this one down, even if the characters are starting to fall flat.

So this book (number 17 in the series, or 4 in the spin-off series) revolves around Jericho, (nee Cratus), a god who was cast out by Zeus and tortured for an eternity up until now. Delphine is a dream hunter who attempts to recruit Jericho to help fight against what may be the coming end of the world, yet he is reluctant and actually initially recruits himself to the opposite side. Yet they find that their feelings for each other overwhelm all else, and when a bit of history is thrown in, the ending is quite.. well predictable, but still good reading.

Dream warrior rating: I enjoyed it still, even if it is pretty much the same as all her other stories as of late, and the read was quite short and able to be finished within a few hours. So I give it a 10/10 simply because I like the world she has created, and the fact that even with a tired formula for writing, she still managed to suck me in and get me liking the characters.
Would I re-read it? Yeah. It was a quick read, which after a long shit day at work, I sometimes really need.
Who would I recommend it to? adult female fans of the paranormal romance genre. This aint one for the kiddies, nor is it one for the prudes.

Sherrilyn’s website: http://www.dark-hunter.com/book_profile.php?id=47
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Dream-Warrior-Dream-Hunter-Sherrilyn-Kenyon/dp/0312938837