Spy Glass
By Maria V. Snyder
Published in: 2010
pages: 424
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: 3 days ago =p
Time taken to read: 3 days

I was out shopping with my best friend Nic on Sunday and happened to stop by the book section and saw this book. I’ve been meaning to buy it for a few weeks now, but on Sunday I declared it was high time I did, since I have been working pretty hard lately and I’ve earned quite a bit of monies. So I brought it and started reading it Sunday night. I finished it about… 20 minutes ago.

So this is the third and final book in the Opal Cowan Triology, and it focuses on Opal’s life after magic, now that she’s expelled it all from her body. She spends the first part of hte book lost, looking for purpose, but it is full of action and adventure as she proceeds to learns skills from assassinValek, befriends her once-kidnapper Devlin (and develops serious feelings for him), breaks into a maximum security jail, adopts children, is kidnapped once again… the girl does quite a lot in 400 pages. It’s exhausting to think about actually.

Now my biggest thing with this book is Opal’s deepening feelings towards Devlin when she originally was with Kade. In the first book she was with Ulrick, who I liked, but lusted after Kade, who I always liked as a character but didn’t like how the author described him. One word: facial hair. Ew. Devlin’s description always sounded hotter to me. So in this book, she hooks up with Devlin and you’d think I’d be totally into that, right? Nope. I spent most of hte book rooting for Kade rather than Devlin. Strange I know. Though I eventually was happy with the way everything ended up being.

Spy glass rating: 10/10. The book was not as addicting as some of the others in this series and the Yelena series, but it was a decent read, the book had no real boring parts (A nice change from a lot of the stuff i’ve been reading lately)
Would I re-read it? Yes. Hells yes. I love this author and this series and this world. I hope that Maria is gonna write another triology about this world she’s created. It’s just so fantastic. I wish I lived there!
Who would I recommend it to? It’s a bit of a strange novel. It could easily be read by teenagers, as there are no real graphic seens. Anytime any character gets intimate, it is glossed over and you are just made aware that something happened, but no real details. Meaning it’s pretty safe if teenagers wanted to read it. That being said, older people will also enjoy it as it is just plain interesting to read and the fantasy world is quite fun to learn about.

Authors website: http://www.mariavsnyder.com/news.php