By Ellen Schreiber
Published in: 2006
Pages: 176
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: 2010 book sale
Time taken to read: 1-2 days

Third in this series, Vampireville focuses on Raven and Alexander attempting to hunt down Jagger and his sister Luna, to drive them out of town. Trevor starts dating Luna and plans to hold a covenant ceremony, which Raven and Alexander must stop before Trevor becomes a vampire too.

So with the basic storyline out of the way, here’s the thing. This book was pretty meh. It had such promise. It could have been really great. Thing was, by this book, I was getting rather sucked into this series and actually didn’t mind how basic and bland the writing and story was.

Vampireville rating: I gave it a 3/5 on goodreads, and I’ll stick with that. These books are so middle-of-the-road. I don’t really despise them, despite what I rant about on here. They are ok time wasters, but I don’t really feel either way about them. I feel meh that I’ve read them, I would feel meh if I hadn’t.
Would I Re-read it? Perhaps. As part of the series. When I was bored and had nothing else to do. And my other awesomer books were missing.
Who would I recommend it to? Teenagers. That’s my biggest problem with this series, is how it’s very much a teenager’s book. Great if I was 15, but as I’m not, I don’t particularly enjoy them as much as I would.

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