The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
By Stieg Larsson
published in: 2008
Pages: 644
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: September 2010 from Malaysia
Time taken to read: About a week

Ok, I sold out. I jumped on the bandwagon.
I brought a Stieg Larsson book.
Boy am I glad I did.
So everyone knows that this is one of those book trends that is sweeping the world currently. Everyone is reading this series and raving about it, so I figured I may as well join them.

The first one focuses on introducing the characters of Salander, the strange tattooed girl, and Blomkvist, the journalist who takes on a missing persons investigation under the guise of writing the memoirs of an aging company genius. The case throws twists and turns and seems as if Blomkvist will never get to finding who murdered Harriet Vanger, but new clues in teh 40 year old case sheds light on the fact that the case is very much still alive and the killer still at large.

Now the thing is, the start of this book is hell slow. The first 50 or so pages sucked. My dad said this to me after I had read it, when I made the comment that you have to stick it out past the boring first few chapters, that everyone had made this comment. It’s true. The first chapter or so is bloody boring, but you have to read it in order to understand everything else in the book. Thing is, once you’ve cleared that hurdle, the rest of the book runs pretty smoothly and at quite the pace, and it’s quite interesting.

Different from my normal genre of books, this is purely a crime thriller/murder mystery. Nothing remotely paranormal or vampiric or anything! So strange and rare in a book I read.

Now the other thing is, they have made a movie about this book. In sweedish. The movie has garnered rave reviews, and there is talk of remaking it for the american market (I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THIS. They have to dumb shit down for the bloody yanks. Why can’t they just leave things alone?). I happened to come across a copy of said movie, and the night I finished this book, I sat down to watch the movie, eager to see how the book compared to the movie.
Well for starters, it was nowhere near as good. That being said, I recall hating it on first impression, but looking back, it wasn’t that bad. Bits and pieces were different, but overall it was a decent movie and had I not read the book first, it would have been quite sufficient in telling me said story.

Dragon tatoo book rating: 8/10. I enjoyed it and found it quite entertaining, once I got over that initial boring introduction.
Dragon tattoo movie rating: 6.5/10. Not as good as the book, but I think my impression is mostly based on teh fact that I tend to always hate the movie versions of books. I like how things are imagined in my head and when nothing lives up to that, i hate it.
Would I re-read it? Yeah. Not anytime soon, it’s kinda a dark book so I need time to recover. But yes, I would re-read it sometime in the future.
Who would I recommend it to? Well i’m gonna lend it to my dad and maybe even my mum to read. I think people who enjoy mysteries, crime, and thrillers will enjoy this book and this series. The thing is though, even if you aren’t into those genres, you should give this a chance. I can see why people rave about this series, it is different and edgy and enthralling to read.

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I am looking forward to reading hte next in the series and watching the movie, which is out at the cinemas at the moment.