Royal Blood
By Ellen Schreiber
Published in: 2009
Pages: 195
Edition: paperback
Brought in: 2010 book sale
Time taken to read: 2-3 days

I had high hopes for this book, after the excitement of the last one. But alas, the 6th book in this series returns to the original structure of boring and bland. Sigh.

So this book focuses on Alexander’s parents coming to dullsville. Raven gets along surprisingly well with them, finally fitting in with people as weird as she is. Even her own parents get along well with Alexander’s parents. But then they decide the Alexander should move back to Romania with them, as the threat from Jagger is now finally over.

And as I said, it is rather lacking, especially compared the the previous book int he series. I had high hopes. Such high hopes. It is better than the first ones, as the books have gotten better the further they get along in the series.

Royal Blood rating: we’re back to 3/5 ratings here.
Would I re-read it? as part of a series, yeah.
Who would I recommend it to? Those pesky teenagers are once again my recommended audience for this book.