Dance With A Vampire
By Ellen Schreiber
Published in: 2007
Pages: 178
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: 2010
Time taken to read: 2-3 days

Book 4 in the vampire kisses series. So by now, I’m getting rather sick of this series, yet I keep on reading the books I have of them, just so I can get it off my ‘to-read shelf’ (it’s the third shelf on my bookshelf currently, and it has like 40 books just sitting there, waiting to be read.) So I started this one just to get it out of the way.

The story revolves around Raven getting geared up for her first prom, which she is attending with Alexander. Meanwhile, Jagger and Luna’s younger brother Valentine is in town, and the pint-sized vampire is causing trouble, becoming friends with Raven’s younger brother billy. Alexander and Raven spend most of the book trying to find Valentine’s hide-out and stopping him from turning Billy into a vampire like him.

The book is as the others were. Basic and bland, lots of promise but just lacking. This isn’t as bad as the others- it seems that as the series goes on, the books are getting more and more bareable. Though that could be that I’m just so familiar with the characters that it’s just more tolerable to read them now. Who knows. You know what the crazy thing is? I just visited the author’s website and apparently, this series is a national best-selling series. So obviously it’s appealing to someone. Just not me, unfortunately. I had such high hopes for these books. Sigh.

Dance with a vampire rating: 3/5 again. Tolerable, but nothing special.
Would I re-read it? As part of the series. If I had an hour or two to kill (cause that’s how short these books are)
Who would I recommend it to? Teenagers again. It’s written aimed at that age group.

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