Ok so it’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted a book review, but trust me, I’ve been reading since then. So Here’s a bulk post of books I’ve read during that time. Starting with Vampire Kisses.

Vampire Kisses
By Ellen Schreiber
Published in: 2003
Pages: 196
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: 2010 during a ‘teen fiction book sale’ ($10 books!)
Time taken to read: 1 day

Alright. These books I picked up as they were $10 each, part of this teen fiction sale that one of the chain stores had going on. I hadn’t read any of the books in this series, but for some reason, brought all 6 books in the series that day. And then, sometime in June, the day that I had the new carpet put in my room (It’s a dusty pink carpet btw- its awesome!), I decided to pick up this book and give it a read.
An hour later I had finished it.
No joke.

So this book. It’s basic. The language is simplistic. The characters are very one dimensional. There’s Raven, the goth girl. Her best friend, country bumpkin Becky. Matt, Becky’s soccer star boyfriend. Trevor, the cocky popular soccer player who has a secret crush on Raven. And Alexander, the vampire who becomes her boyfriend. These character descriptions are about as involved as these characters get.
The plot is this: Alexander and his creepy butler move into a decreipt mansion in Dullsville (Where Raven lives). Excited by the prospect of people being just like Goth Raven, she breaks into the mansion. Meets Alexander. He asks her out. They become a couple. She learns that Alexander is a vampire. The end.

So…. I’m not inspiring anyone to read these now am I? Well to be fair, you won’t be missing out on much if you didn’t. The books are aimed at teenagers, and as a 13 year old, I would have obsessed over these books. They are perfect for the 13 year old market. But as a 22 year old, I found them pretty damn boring and basic and rather uninteresting. Still, I stuck with the series.

Vampire Kisses rating: Well… I gave it a 3/5 on goodreads, but I recon I was being generous. But again, it wasn’t aimed at my age group so that’s why I wasn’t into it. If I pretend I’m a 13 year old twi-hard, then I would give these books 10/10 hands down.
Would I re-read it? No. Which is annoying as I now am the owner of the entire series… perhaps I can find a young cousin to pawn these off onto. Or I may re-read them if I was out of books to read. Though the positives of this series and this book is that they are very small and easy to read. I feel accomplished when I’ve finished one of these books in the space of 3 hours. ^_^
Who would I recommend it to? 13 year old twi-hards. Any girl in the 12-16 age range would probably enjoy them, especially if they are of the darker nature. Me and my friends went through the goth phase pretty much from age 13-17, so I could really relate to Raven in that way. So bascially, this is aimed at high-school aged girls, especially those who either adore twilight, vampires, or goth.

Official author website: http://www.ellenschreiber.com/home.htm
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Kisses-Ellen-Schreiber/dp/0060093366