Stormy Glass
By Maria V. Snyder
Published in: 2009
Pages: 488
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: 2010, during that cheap book extravaganza. This wasn’t part of the book special, but I just had to buy it anyways.
Time taken to read: 2 days. But it was less really, as I was only reading at night- it was while I was on holidays in Malaysia, and hte only time i had to read was at night before going to bed.

So I’m a big fan of Maria’s other series, the study series. This series, another triology, is based int he same world, and the characters from the Study triology make appearances here and there. This one focuses on Glass magician Opal, who is credited as a one-trick pony. Yet she discovers that she has more power than anyone knew, when she is given a mission to the Stormdancer clans to try and discover what is making their glass orbs shatter and kill people. She runs into Kade, hot stormdancer, and is confused by her torn feelings for him and for the hot but equally dud glass magician Ulrick.

I could go on about this story and this series. The world that Maria has created is so fantastic that I wish I lived there. The different clans are all so colourful and wonderful and I love reading about hte different magicks that she has dreamt up. The characters are vivid and well developed and I think of them now as being real people almost. Maria is such a fantastic writer, one of those ones I adore who has the talent to tell you so much without overwhelming you, so you can create your own impressions and images as you read. She draws you in and keeps you turning hte page, and you rarely get bored as something is always happening. It’s just fantastic.

Storm glass rating: 10/10.
Would I re-read? Yes. In a heartbeat. It is so damn fantastic!
Who would I recommend to? Well i think it’s touted as being a teenage fiction book, but really I think it could be for anyone from teenage onwards. The action mingles perfectly with the romance, and you feel drawn into their world with ease.

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