Kissing Coffins
By Ellen Schreiber
Published in: 2005
Pages: 165
Edition: Paperback
Brought in: 2010 book sale extravaganza
Time taken to read: 1-2 days

Book 2 in this series is just as exciting as the first.
Ok, I’m being hard on the series. I seem to do that quite a bit with series that seem to have such promise, but when I read them, I realise just how basic they are. Fair enough, they are aimed at an age group that thrives on basic. But compared to the books I prefer to read now, I realise how bloody basic the language is and  the character development and well everything. But enough ranting, onto the book.

 So in this exciting edition (sorry, sarcasm is my first language), Raven and Alexander start off as any happy goth girl and vampire boy couple could ever be. Then Alexander disappears to deal with some sort of brooding vampire drama and leaves Raven alone in Dullsville. So, not having any of that, Raven heads off to visit her Aunt in Hipsterville (God, these names are so agonising to write. Dullsville? Hipsterville? ARGH). In Hipsterville, Raven comes across a Goth club, where she meets Alexander’s ex-friend and nemesis Jagger. Who is a vampire. Who now likes Raven. And follows her back to Dullsville. Alexander and Raven hatch a plan to fool Jagger into thinking that Alexander made Raven into a vampire. The end.

Sigh. It’s just so…..
But still I press on, through another 4 books of this drivel. Though I did find myself liking the series as I read on. The characters become less one dimensional as they grow with the writer, which is nice. Still, the series is rather bland and uneventful and I just find them to be boring. It’s lucky that they are all rather short, otherwise I doubt I’d have remained with them this far.

Kissing Coffins rating: again, I gave it a generous 3/5 on Goodreads. But my review has once again been that of a 22 year old, not the 15 year old that the series is aimed at. So as a 22 year old, my rating is low. As a 15 year old, its rahter higher.
Would I re-read it? Not in a hurry. This book is far more interesting than the first, for sure, but it still just lacks the oomph, the hook that keeps the reader turning the pages.
Who would I recommend it to? 13 year olds of the world, I’m looking at your here. If you are female, between 12-17, and even remotely interested in the paranormal, then this is the book/series for you!