High Stakes
By Erin McCarthy
Published in: 2006
Pages: 291
Edition: Paperback
Times read: 1st
Brought in: April 09 in Melbourne
Time taken to read: Barely 2 days. Could not put it down.

This book has been sitting in my ‘to-read’ pile for a year now and I finally got around to reading it, under the pretense of needing a ‘good smutty vampire book’. Yeah, after my recent zombies, 18th century literature, and action books, I decided I just really needed to read a really trashy book about vampires and the people they fall in love with. So this was my natural choice, and it did not disappoint.

The storyline is pretty… strange. Alexis is a lawyer of some sort whose idiot sister Brittany is lured to live in a casino run by the very hot blonde vampire Ethan Carrick, (whom later on earns the nickname garlic, which is lol) to be his show-wife. Or so he thinks, as he is running for vampire president and needs to put the voters at ease of his playboy ways. Alexis storms in to save her sister from his clutches, and he is entranced by her. She trades her self for her sister, deciding to stay a week with Ethan while he plays his vampire games (as she believes them to be) in her sisters place. Then she learns that he isn’t playing, he is an actual vampire, and that someone is after him. He is also in love with her, and she with him. There’s some pretty smutty scenes, of course, and the storyline isn’t an epic saga or anything, but it was a pretty decent read. I couldn’t put the book down, and quite fancied the character of Ethan, who was described as a tall, blonde, blue-eyed, british vampire bad-boy. *swoon*.

Moving on. So my ratings are as this:
High stakes rating: 8.5/10. Love love love love love this book. Looooove it. Not the literary genius to be a 10/10 of course, but loved it nonetheless. I’m actually looking to find the next book in the series now, this is one of those light reads that I could see myself getting really into.
Would I re-read it? Yes, yes, yes. Male character is hot, it’s not a thinking book but a simple chick-fiction book, and it’s basically the type of thing I would adore reading on holidays, on the beach, fruity drink in hand.
Who would I recommend it to? Not teenagers, that’s for sure. It’s definitely a more adult-oriented book here (sorry kiddies, but these things arent for young readers to know about!!!). It’s female-aimed, it’s for those who like vampires or supernatural books where the vampire is hot and not trying to kill you, and it’s not really for someone wanting an interllectual read. So anyone whose a fan of the vampire genre of books (and is above the age of 16) will likely enjoy this book.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/High-Stakes-Vegas-Vampires-Book/dp/0425210138
Author’s website: http://www.erinmccarthy.net/index.php/bio/