Bloody Bones
By Laurell K. Hamilton
Year published: 1996, 2002
Pages: 370
Edition: Paperback
Times read: First time
Brought in: December 2009 from a science fiction bookshop. It was on the reduced shelves because the cover was a tad warped or something- not that I minded. It still was readable!
Date read: 21 February 2009
Time taken to read: about 3-4 days

Ah Anita Blake. For those who are not familiar with this series, it features a sassy lady by the name of Anita Blake whose profession is to raise zombies and stake vampires. She’s basically a bad-ass, and in the earlier books of this series, she is fantastic. Bloody bones happens to be the 5th book in the series and it is beyond fantastic. I made the mistake of originally reading book number 16 in this series as my first foray into the series, and that was a bad idea. The latest books focus mainly on sex and there was no actual storyline other than the main character getting her rocks off with everyone in the immediate vicinity of her hotel room. For that alone, I was turned off the series, but boy am I glad I picked up this earlier book and finally read it. It was fantastic and let me see why people love this series.

So in this book, we are introduced to Anita and her assistant Larry, who are called to a small country town to assist in a zombie raising of some dudes who are quite old. They are contracted out to raise the zombies to settle a dispute, and this initial job is interwoven throughout the story magnificently. While in this town, a vampire attack occurs, and Anita is drawn into the vampire world. She calls upon her very own vampire, Jean-Claude, who flys out to assist her (and attempt to tempt her) while she is in town. Things go bad, as they always do, and Anita is faced with a shitload of trouble and more foes than she originally realised.

So I can’t say much more without giving the story away, but let me say, it was brilliant. I enjoyed each and every moment of this book, from Anita and her weird humour and people skills, to the vampire Jean-Claude who is the hottie that Anita doesn’t want (but we all want her to want) to the bad guys who kept changing with every chapter. It was just simply brilliant, I haven’t really any other way to describe it. I was so impressed with this book as going in, I didn’t expect much. I figured there’d be at least three chapters devoted to sex-scenes of some graphic sort, about 5 more devoted to the foreplay (verbal or otherwise), and maybe two chapters devoted to an actual storyline that would be weak and flimsy and sorted out with the easiness of a disney movie. I was so wrong. There wasn’t really any sexual scenes (sorry fans of that, you’re outta luck with this one), minimal tempting of the main character to sway to this, and basically pages of action and good mystery.

Alright, here’s the final words.
Bloody bones rating: 9/10. Brilliant. Fantastic. I now see why Laurell K. Hamilton is the legendary writer everyone loves. These earlier books are a testament to what real writing is in this genre of paranormal fiction, not the sappy teenage shit or the graphic smut novels that dominate the scene today. Shame her later books have turned to the latter of that.
Would I re-read it? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I never thought I would say that about an Anita Blake novel, but I was so suprised by this that my expectations were blown away and I just couldn’t put it down. I cannot wait to re-read it!
Who would I recommend it to? Well due to this book being… well, safe from smut, I could recommend it to almost anyone. Hell, I could recommend it to my mum to read and she would probably enjoy it. I think that anyone between the ages of 16-90 would enjoy it, though probably more of the female sex than male.

Now for some links:
Laurell’s website:
Well as usual, check it out and enjoy. Especially enjoy this book, it’s fantastic!