One More Bite
By Jennifer Rardin
Year Published: 2009
Pages: 312
Edition: Paperback
Times read: First time
Brought in: December 2009. It was a birthday or christmas present
Date read: January 8th.
Time taken to read: two days, though really it was more like 26 hours.

Ah Jennifer Rardin, how I adore thee. I stumbled across her Jaz Parks series two years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth out and needed a few books to keep me entertained. This was one of those random picks from the local multi-purpose supermarket, and I adored it. Now, a few years on, the 5th book of the series managed to land itself in my Christmas/Birthday wishlist (my birthday is 9 days before christmas, so it was one or the other). And I have to say, this was brilliant.

The series involves the usual vampires that I have become so enamored with. The difference with this series, however, is that there is limited romance for the vampire. Basically, the heroine isnt a sniffling invalid who lives for the vampire guy shes in love with. Instead, Jaz Parks is a complete weirdo, she has what may be seen as split personalities (she often goes under the alias of Lucinda), she has an ongiong poker match in her head between her dead grandma, her evil side, and any number of dead celebrities, and she has some sort of random super-amped powers. Oh, and she kicks some serious ass.

She is basically the Alias/Sydney Bristow of the vampire world, whose job is to hunt down those who are bad dudes and kill em. With a hot vampire boss named Vayl, and a number of awesomely weird sidekicks. This book in the series deals with the aftermath of killing their biggest bad guy, Samos. He haunts Jaz as her and her team travel to Scotland to participate in a Ghost Hunters Convention. Which is their cover, as they are really there to protect a head witch, without her knowing, from an assassination attempt.

These books are fairly short and quick to read, but they pack a lot into them. There is action on almost every page, and Jaz proves that not all heroines need a big strong vampire man to save her. Her relationship with her father is improved in this book, as previous books dealt with her relationship with her twin brother (and I expect the next will involve either her sister or her dead mother who is in hell).

But enough of the rambelling about how great this book is. I truly enjoyed it and will re-read it again. The next book in the series is already out, so I’ll definitely be hunting it down so I can see how Jaz and Vayl are doing, since they finally get to the point they’ve been leading up to all 5 books. Now, some final words!

One More Bite rating: 11/10, if that is possible. well, 10/10 is sufficient I suppose.
Would I re-read it? Hell yeah I will. If I can’t hunt down the 6th book, I’ll have to re-read this one to bide my time.
Who would I recommend it to? Anyone who enjoys the vampire fiction genre, but is sick of the whining damsals in distress that we usually deal with. Anyone who enjoyed the Alias TV series would also like this book.

Can I also comment on the book covers of this series? I adore them. A simple white background, and a partial shot of a female with weaponary. It’s simple, kick ass, and stands out when compared to the other millions of books within this genre, which are mainly black and dark and rather murky picture-wise. This is clean, clear, simple and rather excellent. Jennifer Rardin is some sort of genius, or so I declare.

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Check out this series and enjoy