Beyond The Shadow
By Brent Weeks
Year published: 2008
Pages: 689
Edition: paperback
Times read: First time
Brought in: Late 2009, after reading the first book in the triology. I scoured the local bookstores for weeks until I found this one and brought it instantly.
Date read: January 17th
Time taken to read: two days, barely. Could not put this one down either. In fact, I had to restrain myself from starting this book the second I finished the previous one, to try and make it last a little longer. It didn’t work though.

So my love for this series continues to grow with the third and final installment of the Night Angel Triology. Which I am praying will somehow become a series, as the way this one ended… it could be turned into a fourth book. With ease. So many questions were answered, though not completely to my liking, yet so many things were left open.

So Kylar is one-armed, dealing with the shock that his mentor may actually be alive after all, and trying to stop himself from dying again because the Wolf is getting pissed at him. Vi and Uly have entered something of a monestary or nunhood or something equally insane, but this is to nuture their magic and let it grow, which is less insane. Logan has returned, though he has to fight Terah for power as she has declared herself queen in his absence. And to throw another curveball, it appears that Logan’s wife Jeni is in fact still alive as well. This book is full of people who are supposed to be dead but aren’t, and it’s fantastic. The imagination in this book is so magnificent, the creatures so horrible its hard to think who came up with such things. Problems keep popping up for poor Kylar, and the reader wonders if he will ever be happy. He does have moments of happiness, eventually, though they become moments of sadness and sacrifice in the end. It is brilliant, beyond brillaint, and even if the ending wasnt comepltely what I had hoped, it was still great.

Final words:
Beyond the shadows rating: 10/10. Brilliant does not even begin to describe this book and this series.
Would I re-read it? Hells yes I will. Next time I have a lengthy holiday involving sitting outside a pool with funny coloured cocktails, I shall be dragging out this triology and re-reading it start to end. In one sitting, if prefable.
Who would I recommend it to? Everyone! haha. Guys and girls should like it, Though i wouldn’t give it to kids too young or the elderly. I doubt my parents would enjoy this book, but like i said before, i think my 20 year old brother would find them fantastic.

Authors website:

Oh, and have I mentioned that I have a slight crush on the guy whose on the cover of this series? He’s blonde, moody looking, and HOT. Yeah, that just adds to the awesomeness of this book. =p But I digress; the book is awesome and could have a plain white cover for all I cared. Please go out and read this series, you will not be disappointed.